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Soaring Songs (2016) is a plasma-cut stainless steel sculpture with a powder-coated paint finish that stands 2.4-metres tall at the entrance of Sky Vue, a residential development in Bishan.
The Art of Collaboration

CapitaLand teamed up with Singaporean artist Baet Yeok Kuan to create a bespoke art installation for residential development, Sky Vue.

  • Part of a painting of a party scene by renowned Singapore artist Chua Mia Tee. His signature and the year of composition can be seen in the top left hand corner
    Giving Art A New Lease of Life

    Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient Chua Mia Tee lovingly restored and rejuvenated seven of his old paintings in CapitaLand’s collection.

    July Issue 2016

  • Part of an artwork titled ‘Singapore Memoir’ by Ketna Patel, composed of images of film stars, cars, cosmetic items, soft drink labels and more – all belonging to a bygone era.
    Serving As Silent Storytellers Of A Bygone Era

    Ketna Patel’s mixed media art pieces tell nostalgic stories in Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, a historic building that dates back to the 1950s.

    April Issue 2016

  • Waterfall at ION Orchard commands a presence even amid glittering festive decorations
    Flip-Dot Wonder

    UK artist collective Troika’s innovative Waterfall at ION Orchard takes a near-obsolete technology into the future

    January Issue 2016

  • An e-direct mailer on an upcoming soirée with an image of 17th century Flemish painter Peter van Boucle's still life paintings
    Joyful Soirées

    Happy evenings of song and dance hosted by and for CapitaLand staff complement the company’s art appreciation programme

    December Issue 2015

  • Down Memory Lane: each painting travels back in time and has a story to tell
    Making Time to Make Art

    Take a peek into CapitaLand’s art jamming sessions for staff and see how making art can be fun, relaxing and rewarding

    November Issue 2015

  • Kim Gyung Min's sculpture Shopping with the Family at Bedok Mall greets the public at the mall's entrance and blends into the everyday lives of the community
    Nurturing Communities through a Love of Art

    Sample the delectable “fruits” of community engagement of Art @ CapitaLand

    October Issue 2015

  • The cover of 'CapitaLand: The Art of Building Communities'
    The Story of Art @ CapitaLand

    Read about the evolution and uniqueness of Art @ CapitaLand and how it engages and brings joy to communities.

    September Issue 2015

  • Life on the Bumboats (part) shows many authentic details of Singapore's yesteryear
    Life on the Bumboats

    Three of Singapore’s pioneer artist Phua Cheng Phue’s paintings add nostalgia to the newly refurbished public spaces at Somerset Liang Court

    August Issue 2015

  • "Jack's Fruits (Remembrance of Trees Past, Nassim Atelier)" graces one of the lobbies of The Nassim
    Black And White Triumphs

    Singapore artist Jimmy Ong’s successful artistic discovery with charcoal landed him a series of commissioned works for The Nassim

    July Issue 2015

  • Part of the bright red The Elevation of Togetherness seen against the background of Sky Habitat's off-white architecture
    Cool Frames Celebrating a Bond

    Belgium Artist Daisy Boman creates hot “bo-men” in cool frames for Sky Habitat

    June Issue 2015

  • Inside the Light Pavilion, where there is a fascinating abstract painting to be captured whichever way the camera is pointed.
    Bathing in Multi-Colour Lights

    Dive deep into a pool of lights and have the ultimate experience at Raffles City Chengdu’s Light Pavilion created by American architect and artist Lebbeus Woods

    May Issue 2015

  • Close-up of the maquette made by Singapore artist Victor Tan for The Hummingbird at Sky Habitat
    Against All Odds

    Marvel at the amazing life journey of Singapore artist Victor Tan and the making of his latest sculpture, The Hummingbird

    April Issue 2015

  • Close-up of the pair of ladies in pink in Ju Ming's Living World Series for CapitaGreen, ordinary or extraordinary?
    Ordinary & Extraordinary

    A CEO? A gardener? A delivery man? Two ladies in pink? Who are these 10 unique characters in Taiwanese artist Ju Ming’s Living World Series at CapitaGreen in Singapore?

    March Issue 2015

  • The colourful installation titled Anemone enhances the festive mood of Wilkie Edge
    Born-again Beauty

    Students of Lasalle College of The Arts give recyclable bottles a new and colourful lease of life that charms tenants and visitors of Wilkie Edge

    February Issue 2015

  • Above Below Beneath Above is inspired by the aerial roots of trees, seen here framing the views of the streetscape
    Working Together as One

    Let Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s Above Below Beneath Above take you deep into the ‘woods’ that bond as one with the unique architecture of brand new CapitaGreen

    January Issue 2015

  • Wishing Flower, located at the main entrance of CapitaLand Singapore’s premium residential project d’Leedon, catches the eyes of those going pass it
    Fantasy by Design

    A windmill, flower or person? Lebanese sculptor Nadim Karam’s Wishing Flower is specially designed to let your fantasy take flight!

    December Issue 2014

  • Detail of Singapore cultural medallion recipient Goh Beng Kwan’s mixed media work "Old Lyrics with New Melody"; Notice the richness in colour and texture
    Old Lyrics with New Melody

    Hear a festive tune as you marvel at Singaporean artist Goh Beng Kwan’s abstract work at Ascott Raffles Place Singapore

    November Issue 2014

  • Kumari’s The Twist is an eye-catcher at the entrance plaza of CapitaLand Singapore’s residential project The Interlace
    Let’s Twist Again

    Singaporean artist Kumari Nahappan’s red hot chilli sculpture sets our feet tapping

    October Issue 2014

  • Jason Lim’s Paradise details a subtle play of tonality and texture in the many ceramic pieces that form the leaves and flowers of the Heliconia plant
    A Garden from a Kiln

    Behold how Singaporean artist Jason Lim’s Paradise portray the elegance of the Heliconia plant in fired clay

    September Issue 2014

  • A painting such as Waterfall 2009 by Hiroshi Senju may evoke deeper feelings in the viewers than any photograph of the same subject would
    Falling Water

    Hiroshi Senju’s mesmerizing waterfall paintings evoke deeper feelings than photographs of waterfalls can

    August Issue 2014

  • The Westgate Panda Family never fails to attract shoppers and passersby who would stop by to share some photo-worthy moments with the friendly creatures
    Pet Pandas

    The Westgate Panda Family by Julien Marinetti is becoming endearing to the community

    July Issue 2014

  • Spray-painting technique used by Brendan Neiland that makes his artworks look like photographs at first glance
    Twelve Cityscape Paintings

    Brendan Neiland’s set of cityscape paintings at Capital Tower Singapore intrigues its viewers

    June Issue 2014

  • Eric Chan's Crimson Passion exudes a commanding presence in the lobby of Citadines Mount Sophia
    Flower Power

    The floral themed paintings of Eric Chan give character to the lobby of Citadines Mount Sophia in Singapore

    May Issue 2014

  • With arms open wide, the Sun Woman seems to call out to one and all, inviting them to see what’s in store for them!
    What’s in Store for the Sun Woman?

    Finding a new home for a piece of delightful sculpture by Spanish artist Juan Ripollés

    April Issue 2014

  • B. Jane Cowie’s glass installation, New Growth, is befitting at the CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB) where CapitaLand employees gather to learn and grow
    What a Jewel!

    B. Jane Cowie’s enchanting glass installation at CLIMB Singapore shines, sparkles and spurs new growth

    March Issue 2014

  • Reflecting real life, she epitomises the tightrope walkers in all of us, balancing life’s various situations
    The Love of Life

    Using a tightrope walker, dog walker to square shouter, Belgium artist Dirk De Keyzer invites you to come and feel the pulse of his sculptures at Westgate

    February Issue 2014

  • Heading up an imaginary stairs in a spiral movement … where can they be going?
    Spiraling Upward

    Inbar Tolla's "Sky is the Limit" scales great heights

    January Issue 2014

  • Gao Xiao Wu’s City Dreams are an eye-catcher in CapitaLand Singapore’s unique residential development The Interlace, giving identity to the courtyard where it is installed
    Food for Thought

    Flying babies? Think again - that’s what Gao Xiao Wu’s City Dreams make viewers do

    December Issue 2013

  • French sculptor Etienne's sculpture The Flight at Raffles City Singapore fits well into the architectural backdrop of the office tower drop-off
    Flying High

    Get ready to let your imagination fly high with French sculptor Etienne's sculpture, The Flight

    November Issue 2013

  • Singapore Cultural Medallion Recipient Han Sai Por's Shimmering Pearls, celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of bubbling water
    Water Music

    Hear the water sing and see huge glass bubbles create sounds of music at Han Sai Por’s Shimmering Pearls

    October Issue 2013

  • Freddie Timms’s Barramundi Story looks like a piece of abstract art, but tells his Dreamtime Story of the Barramundi Fish
    Outback Stories

    Fascinating tales from Down Under - from the birth of Aboriginal Art to one of its prominent artists, Freddie Timms

    September Issue 2013

  • In this segment of Beautiful Singapore, lush foliage and butterflies underscore the island state's vision of being a city in the garden
    Digital Dreamscape

    When you see trees of epic proportions layered upon familiar landmarks with fluttering butterflies in mid air, you know you have entered a digital world of 21st century Surrealist art

    August Issue 2013

  • “Pool of Love” graces the lawn next to the swimming pool of Urban Suites, celebrating family love and joy
    Joy & Love, Growth & Togetherness

    Artful and playful - Singapore sculptor Mr Lim Leong Seng’s works leave viewers with plenty of room for imagination and interpretation of what it means to be a family

    July Issue 2013

  • The Heavenly Script is made up of characters and symbols created many, many years ago
    Decoding a Heavenly Script

    34 years of collecting tens of thousands of pictograms and symbols led world-renowned artist Han Mei Lin to create heavenly pieces to behold

    June Issue 2013

  • Look closely and you can see the words “Holy Mountain” in blue
    Tales of a Glowing Mountain

    Learn how the inspired art piece gets its glow all thanks to a fable of a firefly

    May Issue 2013

  • In David Gertein’s wall scuIpture, ice dancers of different sizes are juxtaposed together
    Rhapsody on Ice

    David Gerstein’s Rhapsody on Ice cleverly showcases three cool ice sports in one brilliant eye-catching wall sculpture

    April Issue 2013

  • An award-winning  picture of little people at the back of the bench in Kurt Laurenz Metzler’s sculpture: Man on the Bench
    Romance on the Bench

    Mr Francis Wong Hooe Wai, Chief of Art Management, tells romantic tales of The Man on the Bench

    March Issue 2013

  • Heading the Jelly Baby Family is the bright red Daddy Jelly Baby
    Yummy Jelly Babies

    Mr Francis Wong Hooe Wai, Chief of Art Management, tells delicious tales of the Jelly Baby Family

    February Issue 2013

  • A family of four colourful pandas greet visitors at CapitaLand’s Raffles City Chengdu
    Colourful Panda Magic

    Mr Francis Wong Hooe Wai, Chief of Art Management, CapitaLand Limited, tells charming tales of the art behind the colourful pandas

    January Issue 2013


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