New Somerset Riverview Chengdu Packs A Punch

Exclusive riverside living, homely ambience and a private boxing ring to boot set the serviced residence apart from the pack

Issue: Dec 2010

Spectacular Views
Spectacular views of the Jinjiang River and the Chengdu cityscape greet you as you step into the tastefully-furnished apartment

If you’re just that little bit inspired by Manny Pacquiao, boxing icon and newly-crowned Super Welterweight World Boxing Champion, then the next time you’re in Chengdu, make sure you drop by Somerset Riverview Chengdu to check out its very own snazzy boxing ring.

Boxing Ring
Punch all your stress away at the boxing ring

Yes, you read right! A boxing ring in a serviced residence! How novel! Sign up for a sparring session with an in-house resident or trainer and enjoy a total body workout. What a great way to de-stress after an exciting day of sightseeing or slogging away in the office!

Adams Darrell from the United Kingdom did just that. “I love boxing. It’s almost impossible to find a boxing ring in other hotels or apartments. Only this apartment gives me a fantastic surprise,” gushes Darrell.

"Boxing is increasing in popularity as a career choice these days and it is also a great way to relieve stress. We thought this would be quite a novel facility to offer. We haven’t organised any boxing matches due to the fact that boxing is a complex sport. We have to consider weight, age, energy, rounds, etc. We do have an in-house trainer for those who want to take up the sport, though," says Residence Manager, Michael Wang.

Riverside Living With A Difference

Aside from the innovative boxing ring, other wonderful treats await residents of Somerset Riverview Chengdu: breakfast with a lovely river view, snooker tables, yoga/dance studio, rooftop garden with a barbecue area and even specially organised guest activities to make them feel at home.

Warm and safe environment
A warm and safe environment for your kids to wild a few hours away while moms take a break

All beds come with an extra soft feather top which makes you want to stay in bed all day
A fully-equipped modern kitchen lets you cook up your favourite dish when you’re in the mood for some comfort food

A state-of-the-art gym to help you recharge your batteries

Football Game
An energizing game of football deepens the friendship bond

Overlooking the picturesque Jinjiang River and the striking Chengdu cityscape, Somerset Riverview Chengdu is strategically located within the downtown central business district. It is a short 15-minute walk to the landmark Tianfu Square, home to major shopping malls and the transportation hub.

Opened only in April this year, Somerset Riverview Chengdu is Ascott’s first property in Chengdu. It houses 200 stylish apartments ranging from studios, duplexes to the elegant penthouse, catering to the different lifestyle needs of both short-stay and long-stay customers.

Each apartment is fully-equipped with a modern kitchen, home entertainment systems including an iPod docking station and of course, WiFi Internet access.

Mini guests are not forgotten too. They get their own mini bath tubs and an indoor kids’ playroom filled with toys to entertain them.

We are Family

At Somerset Riverview Chengdu, there’s a warm and friendly “family” atmosphere because guests, especially long staying ones, are made to feel at home so they don’t feel homesick.

Since its opening, the team at Somerset Riverview Chengdu has organised a string of exciting activities, from energising football matches, lively BBQ nights to autumn outings, to bring the guests together to interact and learn more about the Chengdu culture.

On 13 November 2010, Somerset Riverview Chengdu organised an outing for the residents to Wangjiang Tower Park, one of Chengdu’s cultural relics which is famous for its more than 150 varieties of bamboo.

Residents had the opportunity to learn more about Sichuan bamboo culture and even tried their hand at painting bamboo under the guidance of a professional art teacher, specially roped in for the occasion.

Interesting games relating to bamboo as well as Sichuan ear and back massages kept the residents happily engaged. But it was drinking tea from a Chengdu “tureen” and learning to play a game of Sichuan “majiang” (mahjong) that really thrilled them. Guests could not stop raving about it.

The enthusiastic efforts by the team to create community bonding have certainly not gone unappreciated.

“Through these activities and outings, we are getting along well with the team at Somerset Riverview Chengdu and I do feel that we are part of a big family,” Richard Beazley from USA shares.

Xue Wen from Malaysia chips in, “I really enjoy the activities arranged by Somerset Riverview Chengdu. I understand a bit more of the Chengdu culture and I am falling in love with Chengdu.”

“I have a great appetite for food, I love to eat. Coming to Somerset Riverview Chengdu, I had the opportunity to taste lots of homemade Sichuan snacks,” enthuses Alexis Jose Serkin who hails from the UK.

Lady guests are also kept busy with a special “Ladies’ Club” programme. So far, yoga classes, cooking workshops and city tours have been organised for them. Needless to say, all are great hits amongst the ladies.

Accents of The Ancient Ba Shu Culture

Take a walk around Somerset Riverview Chengdu and you’ll notice little Chinese figurines dotting the tasteful lobby of the property. These figures depict the mighty military heroes of the Shu Kingdom, dating back more than 3,000 years.

Lady guests getting their morning fix of yoga

Chengdu, today the modern capital of Sichuan province, was the centre of social and cultural exchange of the ancient Shu Kingdom. The Shu people created the most brilliant civilization out of Sichuan and its fertile Chengdu Plain.

In the last century, the discovery of the lost Sanxingdui site at Guanghan, about forty kilometres north of Chengdu, is recognised as the most important archaeological find of Sichuan relics. Today, the Sanxingui Museum is regarded as one of the major historical museums in China.

Mini Figures
Mini figurines depicting military heroes of the Shu culture adorn the display shelves of the lobby

Immerse in Chengdu’s Culture

When in Chengdu, one must definitely try the local Sichuan cuisine, often flavoured with spicy Sichuan peppers. Local specialties include Grandma Chen's Tofu (mapo tofu), Chengdu Hotpot, and Dan Dan Mien (literally meaning, "noodles carried on a pole").

Another must do is to relax and sip Chinese tea in one of Chengdu’s many distinct and unique teahouses. The city of Chengdu is one of the few remaining cities which has a really authentic teahouse or “cha dian” culture. Many of the teahouses provide Sichuan opera performances, famed for their eye-popping “bian lian” (face-changing) acts, not to be missed.

For more of Chengdu’s history and culture, you can explore the Sichuan Art Museum, Wu Hou Ci Temple and Tianfu Square.

Guests happily tucking into Sichuan local favourites
Guests happily tucking into Sichuan local favourites

The Sichuan province is also famous for being the home of giant pandas. For an up close and personal experience, head to the Chengdu Zoo, one of the biggest zoos in China, which has a collection of about 10 pandas.

With Somerset Riverview Chengdu’s excellent central location within the city, you’re never short of options for shopping, dining, entertainment and sight-seeing. Whether you’re in Chengdu for business or pleasure, you’ll find the perfect home in Somerset Riverview Chengdu’s warm and welcoming ambience.

Somerset Riverview Chengdu
No. 1 Section 3
Renmin South Road
Wuhou District
Chengdu 610041
Tel: +86-28 61816998

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