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La Citè, CapitaLand China's latest residential launch in the heart of downtown Foshan

Issue: Aug 2011

La Citè
La Citè has a prime location in the heart of downtown Foshan, China

Location, location, location – the golden rule of real estate. Clichéd but no less true.

CapitaLand China's latest development plan to launch the first phase of sales this month in Foshan, China is a perfect example of this. La Citè (meaning The City in French) is an 879-unit luxury residence comprising six high-rise towers, situated right in the heart of the city's downtown.

Terrace Houses
Foshan is a city that marries modernity with history
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Centrally-located in a Well-positioned City

Foshan itself is a well-located city. Sitting in central Guangdong Province in southern China, it is an integral part of a vibrant economic zone comprising Guangzhou in the east, and Hong Kong and Macau in the south. Its geography not only makes it a strategic location for trade and commerce, it also makes it ideal for agriculture. Blessed with a temperate climate, Foshan has abundant rainfall that supports its farming and fishing industries.

Foshan is also a city with a rich history that dates back some 5,000 years. Its thriving handicraft and arts industries made it one of the four most famous towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties (960 – 1279). Till today, Foshan is still known for its Chinese ceramic art, Cantonese operas and martial arts.

South Block of Foshan
Built at the core of South Block of Foshan in downtown, La Citè allows residents to feel the pulse of the city

The city is modern. It has a well-developed transportation system that facilitates travel into and out of the city. It is the third largest city in Guangdong Province and has bustling manufacturing and tourism industries, drawing visitors with its historical sites and ties to the world of martial arts. Bruce Lee's ancestral home is in Foshan and his master, Yip Man, and another martial arts legend, Wong Fei Hong, both hail from Foshan.

La Citè is aptly named because it was designed to allow residents to enjoy living with the pulse of the city. Being at the core of South Block of Foshan in downtown, it is uniquely positioned to do so. The area is well-supplied by a network of supermarkets, restaurants, a hospital and top schools like Huijing Kindergarten, Huijing Primary School, Huijing Middle School and Lanshi Middle School. La Citè is also near the Foshan municipal government building and the city centre.

La Citè is well-linked by two Metro lines
La Citè is well-linked by two Metro lines

La Cite's design incorporates clean modern style with green features
La Citè's design incorporates clean modern style with green features

Conveniently Connected

La Citè has the advantage of having not one but two Metro lines that links to it. The relocation of Foshan Bus Terminal offers another option for public transport.

Just as the residential development is well-linked to the rest of the city and its amenities, it is also well-equipped with facilities within. Surrounded by immaculately landscaped gardens, La Citè has a fully-fitted clubhouse, two swimming pools and an entertainment centre.

La Citè is designed by international award-winning Aedas Ltd., the world's fourth largest architectural firm. Its two and three-room apartments are airy and well-ventilated with wide balconies for enjoying the scenery. The excellent ventilation and use of natural light extends to the sunlit elevators. In classic CapitaLand fashion, energy conservation is a serious consideration in La Citè's design. Ceramic concrete blocks are used for its walls for thermal insulation. Heating and cooling buildings take up a lot of energy. With the use of thermal insulation, heat transfer is reduced. The temperature of the building is more consistent and energy is saved. Crystal grey glass for the windows allow in maximum light, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

With its strategic location and comprehensive features, La Citè is certainly a prime candidate for the well-heeled in search of sophisticated modern living in a prime location.

For enquiries, call the La Citè sales hotline: (86) 0757 83030188

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