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The Pines appeals to the luxury-minded who want more than just a living space

Issue: Oct 2009

The Pines is currently the only high-end residence for sale in the Madian Business District
The Pines is currently the only high-end residence for sale in the Madian Business District
Source: Global Times

Step into The Pines, and you will be struck by the rich European influence of its interior design and decor. Vintage-looking leather couches with button tufted backs in the lobby lounge and the cigar room hark back to an era of glamour and hedonism.

Developed by CapitaLand, the apartments are located in the Madian Business District, at the intersection of five major business circles including Beijing's Wall Street. It also connects to the Jingchang Badaling Superhighway, and three city subway lines. In the wake of the massive development associated with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this area has become hot property.

"The Pines occupies a site that is suitable for a small-scale yet high-end residence," said Zheng Lin, sales manager of The Pines, "The location is very popular among academia, artists and other high-income individuals which are the development's target clients."

Living in style

Leather couches with button tufted backs lend glamour to The Pines' cigar room

Made up of two 17-storey towers, The Pines has 155 units, ranging from 80 sq m one-room studios, to the largest five-bedroom apartments at 330 sq m. Steve Leung, one of the top 10 Hong Kong interior designers, has lent a strong sense of character to the apartments with his style.

The smaller units (from one to three bedrooms) have a "Back to Nature" theme; one of the highlights is the use of a wide range of wallpaper even in the same room, resulting in a collage of colours and patterns.

The larger units, strongly influenced by Hermes, exude European opulence. Imported high-quality materials from parquet flooring, woollen wallpaper, and stone bathroom walls, are matched by the branded kitchen fittings and fixtures from Germany, such as built-in refrigerators and microwaves, as well as sliding cabinets.

There are other touches that aren't as obvious to home owners: the walls are designed to insulate against the bitter cold of the Beijing winter, reducing energy usage by 60%; the glass walls help to soundproof the rooms and also deflect harmful UV rays.

The larger apartments exude European opulence

Shared facilities include an 850 sq m clubhouse equipped with a gym, chess and card rooms, a children's play room, a billiard room and a book bar. Outside, there is a small garden that is a blend of Japanese and European landscaping styles.

Selling well

A well-equipped children's playroom at The Pine's clubhouse

The Pines, which had welcomed its first group of home owners in July, has proved to be highly popular, with sales rate of about 92%. Local media reports indicate that it is one of the top sellers in the Beijing residential market. In February 2009, sales peaked to a climax, totalling more than US21 million (RMB 150 million) in seven days.

The media reported that more than half of the buyers were high-ranking individuals of international and local financial institutions, with one buyer snapping up eight units at a go.

Sarah Feng, 30, a human resource professional, is preparing to move into her apartment soon. "I have utmost confidence in CapitaLand's strengths and abilities. I've seen their previous residential projects and they were very well executed," she said, adding that the elaborate kitchen design impressed her.

Feng, who has a one-year-old, pointed out that the presence of several reputable kindergartens nearby greatly influenced the family's choice.

Steeped in history

The Pines sits on a site richly steeped in history. To its south is Deshengmen , a preserved city gate, that was once part of Beijing's northern city wall. It is said that the imperial military used to march out of Beijing through Xuanwumen, the Gate of Declaration of War, and return victorious through Deshengmen which means "Gate of Virtuous Triumph".

The Yuan Dynasty Wall Relics Park has been dubbed The Pine's private garden for its proximity

Just 50 metres north lay the Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park, the largest linear park in Beijing. Reconstructed from 800-year-old city wall relics, the park is dotted with 19 larger-than-life sculptures of famous people including Kublai Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, and the Italian adventurer Marco Polo.

The city's only bird sanctuary, with more than 2,500 species of birds, is found here. As for flora, the park has the largest number of Chinese flowering crab apple trees in Beijing. Every April, thousands flock to the park to witness the 2,500 trees in full bloom.

The Yuan Dynasty Wall Relics Park has been dubbed The Pines' 'private garden' as residents can simply stroll across for walks or take in the view of the 67-hectare park from the comfort of their homes. As Beijing's urbanisation intensifies, such access to nature is a privilege not to be taken for granted - and clearly treasured by homeowners who have bought a stake of this green in the city.

The Pines
12 Yumin Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
For enquiries, please call +86 10 6203 6688

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