Modern Riverside Living

Riverside Ville and The Riviera offer classic waterfront living in a contemporary environment that blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

Issue: Apr 2009


The modern design of The Riviera

Located in the Pearl River Delta in China, Foshan is a fast growing city southwest of Guangzhou. Its once predominantly industrial-based economy, is today shifting toward a service-oriented economy. This shift has been spurred by a growth in the population and the creation of a new city centre, Foshan Dongping New Town, in Chancheng District along the shores of the Dongping River, has contributed to that growth. Waterfront living is becoming a desirable ideal home choice for many Chinese in Foshan as it offers impeccable views matched with a contemporary style of living. With support from the local government, this new urban area will transform Foshan into a modern city that provides the highest quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Two Properties, One Goal

Sales centre
Occupying adjacent plots of land along the bank of the river, right in the heart of the new town, Riverside Ville and The Riviera offer residents classic waterfront living. While the developments are autonomous, they do share several aspects besides location. Both properties are aimed at discerning residents that yearn for a closer connection with nature and the environment. The unique developments have a similar design ethos, both adopting green concepts and similar architectural styles. The external configuration of balconies and terraces are designed to offer a feeling of personal space with each apartment offering bountiful views along the meandering Dongping River.

Starting the Build by Going Green

Environmental concerns were considered at the very beginning of the design process. One simple but effective idea was the layout of the buildings for both projects. Built on a north-south plane, the buildings incline to the west at a 30-degree angle. This maximizes river views and provides the buildings with good natural ventilation and plenty of daylight. It also lowers heat gain from the sun resulting in less energy consumption from air-conditioning during the summer and maximizes sunlight to lower heating energy use during the winter. Other environmentally-conscious steps include recycling facilities, energy saving fixtures throughout the development, motion-sensing lights at staircases and the use of certified eco-friendly paint in all residences and public areas.

Multi-faceted Design

Riverside Ville once completed.
Upon completion in 2010, Riverside Ville will comprise 758 apartments ranging in size from 86 to 323 square metres. The frontline buildings integrate balconies, terraces and windows into the facades. The high-rise buildings of the second and third rows then appear like "floating boxes", bringing the vitality of Dongping River to the vertical facades. The balconies and terraces of the high-rises alternate at opposing thirty degree angles to form a three-dimensional appearance from the outside creating a vivid, yet harmonious style. The Yee King Division of award winning, multidisciplinary Australian design and planning practice HASSELL is the architectural firm for Riverside Ville. The company was selected after winning an international design competition to plan and conceive the project.

Thinking Outside of the Box

The bold outlines of The Riviera.
The Riviera utilizes a cubism design that transitions between muted to bold colours from cream through brown to brick red. The result is a look that is progressive and contemporary while retaining a connection to earth and nature. Renowned local company, Guangzhou Hanhua Architects & Engineers Limited, is the design firm for The Riviera project. Upon completion in 2010, it will comprise 208 large villa-style town houses ranging in size from 228 to 369 square metres. The architects deftly chose and envisioned the modern international design style for this villa community. The low-rise buildings are laid out in three disparate rows integrated with the landscape along an 850-metre stretch of the riverbank. This layout creates a unique visual - when viewed from the river, the villas stand in picturesque disorder.

While Foshan is quickly moving into the future, it retains many links to its past. The Chancheng District, where these two residential projects are located, has long been known as the Ceramics Capital of South China and to date, it still has many scenic spots that showcases its unique local ceramic culture such as the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and the Huaxia Ceramics Exposition City. Chancheng District is also home to historical attractions such as the famous Foshan Zumiao Temple, which is a must-visit for visitors. Combining the exciting modern design found at The Riviera and Riverside Ville and the vibrant traditional culture still in practice today, living in these new estates in Foshan become more appealing than ever.

Riverside Ville
23 Wanliang Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, China

The Riviera
18 Wanliang Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, China

For enquiries, please call +86 757 8303 2222.

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