New Iconic Landmark in Tianjin

CapitaLand’s latest Tianjin project, Tianjin International Trade Centre, set to add vibrancy to city’s business centre

Issue: Jul 2011

Tianjin International Trade Centre
With the addition of Tianjin International Trade Centre (slated for completion in 2014), CapitaLand China now has five projects in Tianjin

Tianjin is a city rich in history, a fact succinctly captured in its name which means “where the emperor crossed the river”. The one-time imperial port is in the center of the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, serving as a vital gateway to Beijing. The growing importance of this metropolis has not gone unnoticed.

Tianjin is the largest coastal city in Northern China and the birthplace of modern industry. Having China's fourth largest industrial base and third largest foreign trade port, Tianjin is set to lead the country in powering its third engine of economic growth and the development of the Tianjin Binhai New Area,” said CapitaLand Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Lim Ming Yan.

A Project Revived

The Tianjin International Trade Centre is one of the seven sites acquired from Orient Overseas Developments in 2010. When CapitaLand acquired the site then, it decided to revive the development of this project which had been put on hold for some years.

With this new integrated development, CapitaLand China’s real estate offering in Tianjin will be complete. Currently, the portfolio in Tianjin includes three serviced apartments and one shopping mall.

"The addition of Tianjin International Trade Centre in CapitaLand’s Northern China real estate portfolio will help to strengthen our foundation in the region. Leveraging on our international expertise and 17 years of experience in China, coupled with the support from the Tianjin government, Tianjin International Trade Centre be a new iconic landmark in Tianjin,. It will also contribute to raising the competitive advantage and influence of this coastal city," said Mr Lim.

Xiao Bai Lou Central Business
Its strategic location at Xiao Bai Lou Central Business District on Nanjing Road means that residents and tenants at Tianjin International Trade Centre will have all the conveniences of city life within walking distance

Centre of Attraction

Located at Xiao Bai Lou Central Business District on Nanjing Road, Tianjin International Trade Centre will offer residential apartments, offices and retail outlets in its four blocks (a 57-storey, 41-storey and 45-storey tower and a five-storey shopping mall). Its total GFA is about 230,000 sqm.

Xiao Bai Lou is not only the city’s financial hub, it also houses its famous shopping district and is connected by the Tianjin Metro Line, the city’s subway system.

Here is where all the top international brands can be found in the mega malls.

The development is also right next to the Five Avenues, an area of historical and architectural importance. At one point in Tianjin’s history, the city was shared by no fewer than nine nations: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium and Japan. What they left behind were thousands of villas that bore witness to the occupation but now lend an exotic flavour to the city.

Tianjin International Trade Centre
All steel and glass, Tianjin International Trade Centre’s post-modern design will appeal to contemporary residents and tenants

Material Best

Not only will the property have the best of locations, it will also be constructed with the best of materials. The structure will be built with a total of 36,000 tonnes of imported steel of superior quality. Steel is less susceptible to rusting and presents a safer option. No expanse has been spared to enhance safety of the steel structure. A technologically advanced, thorough steel sand-blasting rust treatment has been employed as an assurance of commitment to quality. This is the first major domestic steel project site to use this method. In addition, the original steel has been reinforced with corrosion, fire and other treatments to meet the latest National Building Code.

Tianjin International Trade Centre will include facilities like full-fitted gyms, leisure, health and entertainment options, a roof garden to create more open spaces. When completed, it will be a complex of commercial and office buildings, over 1000 apartments and numerous clubs.

With all these exciting plans in place, Tianjin International Trade Centre is definitely poised for success.

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