Zipping Underground At New Raffles City B2 Link

Seamless shopping experience and on-the-go convenience awaits you

Issue: Sep 2010

Art Decorative Piece
The suspended art decorative piece signals directions to new stores at Raffles City B1 and B2

While the F1 race cars may be zipping around the circuit in the Marina Bay downtown vicinity of Singapore this September, “zipping around” of a different kind is happening underground.

A stone’s throw away from the Singapore Grand Prix Race Circuit is the iconic shopping mall, Raffles City and a new buzz has just begun at Basement 2 (B2) with the recently launched link connecting the shopping mall and City Hall MRT station to the Esplanade MRT station. This new subterranean city shopping strip aims to give shoppers and commuters a seamless, on-the-go retail experience as well as greater connectivity in air-conditioned comfort.

The Great Access

New B2 Link
The new B2 link allows you to shop in comfort as you make your way to the Marina Bay downtown area

This link is significant because three major MRT lines now serve Raffles City: North-south Line, East-west Line, and the new Circle Line. The new link is also the shortest route for you to take between City Hall and the new Esplanade MRT stations.

“We are excited about the new B2 link as this link provides greater accessibility to the Marina Bay downtown district. This means that shoppers and commuters can move from City Hall to the Esplanade MRT stations with ease. Besides, B2 link offers great on-the-go shopping for everyday convenience catering to the busy commuters,” says Ms Margaret Khoo, General Manager of Raffles City Singapore.

Enhanced To Serve

The new B2 link is part of the upgrading initiatives at both B1 and B2 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

“Works began late last year as part of our continuous effort to further provide a wider retail and dining experience for shoppers. This initiative began all in anticipation of the opening of the Esplanade MRT Station in the first half of 2010 where the underground extension will potentially bring in more consumer traffic to Raffles City Singapore. The key objective of our asset enhancement works for B1 Raffles Marketplace and B2 link is to create a seamless flow between the two basements,” reveals Khoo.

Jet Concepts
Jet Concepts uses aesthetics treatment equipment that employs state-of-the-art technology
Photo Credit: Jet Concepts Skin Lounge

The new B2 link has been cleverly conceived as the wellness and convenience zone of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

“While the upper levels house homegrown fashion and accessories labels, high street fashion shops, luxury designer labels, jewellery shops as well as restaurants, and cafes, B2 link - with its wellness and convenience theme - completes the trade mix of Raffles City Singapore,” Khoo says.

The shops at B2 link offer every day, essential services. Beauty and personal wellness on-the-move services are also wide-ranging.

Stores such as 7-Eleven, AHAVA, Dazzling Naturals, Face Tart, FE The Nail Lounge, Healthystars, Jet Concepts Skin Lounge, Laundry Club, Master Fix, Pet Lovers Centre and QB House are located there for your convenience.

So, imagine being able to have a quick haircut, pick up your dry-cleaning or grab your pet’s food on your way home from shopping or work.

Jet Concepts Skin Lounge is one such beauty service that has found the location at B2 link good for business.

Healthystars offers patented non-invasive wellness scanning methods and range of supplements and vitamins

“The shoppers at Raffles City fall within our target audience. They are busy executives who can appreciate the effective and affordable beauty treatments that Jet Concepts Skin Lounge offers,” says Amos Tan, CEO of Jet Concepts Skin Lounge.

Healthystars, a personal wellness store, finds the concept at B2 link ideal and the tenant mix friendly to their business.

“There are two health supplement stores like ours and others are beauty and wellness related stores so the overall mix is complementary to our wellness/health supplement concepts,” comments John Lynn, clinical nutritionist of Healthystars.

Hustle and Bustle with No Fuss

Busy commuters and shoppers are also thrilled with the connectivity and convenience that B2 link offers.

Jessica Lim is one such shopper and commuter. “I take the MRT train to City Hall to work everyday so I find it very convenient to run my errands with the new B2 link. For example, I can pick up my laundry at the Laundry Club or schedule a facial appointment at Face Tart after work. It sure saves me a lot of travelling time since what I need to do are “along the way” for me now,” she shares.

New and Arty Directions

To celebrate the opening of the new Raffles City B2 link, a stunning art installation piece is placed strategically at the entrance to the B2 link.

Located at the heart of Art Square outside the City Hall MRT station exit, this piece of art is more than a mere creative pop art decoration suspended 4.8 metres above ground. It functions as a giant avant-garde store directory.

So if you ever want to locate a shop at the new link, just look up and find the shop while admiring the decorative piece.

And at B2 link, you will also find “zipping around” in the underground mall – with all its on-the-go conveniences - a truly new and exciting shopping experience.

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