Chic Noodle Concept Hits Town

Ai Mien Bar brings a refreshing twist to an age old staple

Issue: Dec 2010

Ai Mien Bar
Chill out at the new dining destination – Ai Mien Bar

A sparkling new gem has emerged on the ground floor of Capital Tower in Singapore, just in time for the season’s merry making – Ai Mien Bar. What’s more, everyone is entitled to one-for-one house beers during happy hours (5pm to 9pm) from Mondays to Fridays.

Slurping on noodles right in the heart of Singapore’s business district can be a cool affair. Ai Mien is Chinese for "the love of noodles". But beyond specializing in Chinese noodles, Ai Mien Bar has set itself apart by offering unique takes of Chinese-style tapas, Chinese gourmet teas, and even East-meets-West fusion cocktails.

Tasteful contemporary interiors infused with touches of Chinese art

The 160-seater one-stop dining and drinking venue spreads across 4,200 square feet and stands tall at more than seven metres. With a modern Chinois-inspired interior, Ai Mien Bar offers diners a relaxing, contemporary space set amidst neutral beige and browns with dark wood finishes. The sleek, modern Chinese design aesthetic is further enhanced with display shelves bedecked with Chinese musical instruments, ceramics and contemporary masks. And with its wrap-around views of Robinson Road, you can chill out and watch the world go by as you tuck into a comforting bowl of noodles.

Chef Cheung
Chef Cheung celebrates China’s kaleidoscopic noodle culture with his new creations and well-crafted menu

Creations to Whet Appetites

From noble noodles to trendy tapas and finally, dainty desserts, you can find it all at Ai Mien Bar. Credit goes to Executive Chef Cheung Wing Keung, for crafting the menu to include both a comprehensive selection of classic staples from China's different regions, as well as new dishes that will appeal to modern palates.

A veteran with over 30 years of experience, Hong-Kong born chef Cheung draws on his extensive experience from working in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Worthy of mention are his original noodle creations for Ai Mien Bar in which he injects interesting ingredients and textures.

If you are feeling peckish and love variety on your platter, the Ai Mien Regional Creation will be a satisfying treat. It comprises four mini portions of noodles that represent the taste profiles and noodle styles of China's different region. From the northeast, we have blanched wheat noodles with sliced beef in pork ribs soup, whilst the south brings you blanched egg noodles with wanton in XO sauce. Flavourful east sits pretty with chilled spinach noodles accompanied by shredded chicken and prawns. Finally, the west is embodied by the braised handmade noodles with minced pork in Sichuan spice sauce.

Regional Creation, Chilled Mien, Ai Xin Mien
Original signature creations that taste as good as they look. (from left) Ai Mien Regional Creation, Chilled Mien and Ai Xin Mien

And if you need to escape from the heat, Chef Cheung has specially created the Chilled Mien. “Singapore’s climate is rather warm, so I thought of creating chilled noodles with a tinge of sweet and sour flavours so that it is more appetising,” he shares. Accompanied by mounds of shredded chicken, vegetables and eggs with jelly fish, prawns and scallops on the side, the special flat udon is tossed with a deliciously tangy peanut sauce, which is concocted with eight ingredients. Truth be told, the mouth-watering combination actually tastes perfect under any weather conditions!

Above all, chef Cheung brings the most important noodle-making technique to Ai Mien Bar; one that he learnt from home. "You must use a lot of heart," he says. It is his aim to make every one of his noodle dishes satisfying, nourishing, and comforting – and this is most apparent in his creation Ai Xin Mien, which literally means "noodles with a loving heart". Pan-fried thin rice noodles are thoughtfully arranged in the shape of a heart, accompanied by a rich spinach and dried scallop sauce. This is a healthy and refreshing dish that will certainly make its way into many hearts.

Tempting You beyond Just Meals

Chinese-style tapas that are ‘must-tries’. (from left) Fried Beef Cube with Pine Nuts, Deep-Fried Toast with Prawn Paste and Fish Roe, and Deep-Fried Prawn with Crispy Noodles and Green Mustard

Altogether, Ai Mien Bar offers a whooping 16 noodle options for diners to choose from. It also has an intriguing range of 18 Chinese-style tapas that serve as perfect happy-hour accompaniments or simply as mid-day snacks.

A perfect finish to your meal with the light, springy Chilled Fresh Milk and Coconut Soft Cake

And there is always room for desserts. Chef Cheung created the Chilled Fresh Milk and Coconut Soft Cake, a scrumptious custard pudding that is covered with desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. Another must-try is Avocado Puree with Aloe Vera and Walnut Ice cream, a harmonious pairing that is studded with chopped walnuts.

All these are best washed down with gourmet teas and cocktails, of which Ai Mien has an extensive range. Those with a taste for alcoholic drinks will enjoy the four signature cocktails: Love Potion No. 9, One Night In Beijing, Love Takes Time, and Endless Love; lip-smacking concoctions that marries Western liquors like cognac and gin, to Chinese ingredients like wolfberries, chrysanthemum and ginseng.

Have it All at the Hotspot

Love Potion No. 9
Sip on East-meets-West cocktails such as Love Potion No. 9

Ai Mien Bar is ideal for quick business meetings during lunch and an entertainment venue for clients after dusk. The chairman of Ai Mien Bar, Harold Woo, envisions Ai Mien Bar to be an all-in-one hotspot where people can gather to eat, drink, chat and relax at any time of the day or night. He adds, "You can come here for breakfast, or tea in the afternoon when you want a break from the office. After enjoying dinner here, you don't need to look for another venue to have drinks, you can stay here. This is a place where you can do it all."

And indeed, with its convenient location, sleek interiors and enticing menu, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with Ai Mien Bar.

DBS cardholders enjoy 10 per cent discount on all ala carte orders.

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