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Quick treats at ION Orchard to sustain you on your shopping spree

Issue: Jun 2010

Mouth-watering selections of designer quick treats at ION Orchard’s Food Hall
Mouth-watering selections of designer quick treats at ION Orchard’s Food Hall

June is when the country’s most sought after shopping season kicks into high gear. The Great Singapore Sale, which spans nearly three months from 28 May to 25 July, is a nation-wide shopping event during which stores offer tantilising discounts and promotions, with some extending shopping hours well into the night.

While you prowl the corridors of Orchard Road’s malls for bargains, best buys and bold steals, you will surely need to keep your energy up. And if you don’t want to bother with sit-down meals that’ll take away precious time from your shopping spree, there is a spread of convenient yet delicious bites that you can take with you while you browse.

Forget hotdogs and burgers, though. We introduce designer take-outs and there is no greater amalgamation of these than at ION Orchard, Singapore’s premiere luxury shopping mall.

Its Food Hall is where close to 50 stalls from around the world have set up shop in Singapore for the first time to provide you with gourmet meals on the go.

Snack Attack

The okonomiyaki, dubbed the Asian pizza, is chock full of toppings like its Italian counterpart but has a lighter pancake base

When you are out and about, you can feel peckish at just about any time. A full meal may be too much to stomach so why not settle for a snack instead?

It’s the first outlet of its kind in Singapore. Tokyo Monja’s okonomiyaki or Japanese savoury pancakes are made from their very own batter recipe and topped with the freshest of ingredients. From meats to seafood and vegetables, they are finished off with a generous dollop of mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce plus seaweed and bonito flakes. These pancakes are crisp around the edges and surprisingly light and fluffy.

Another popular Japanese snack is takoyaki. But the ones at Tsukiji Gindaco are in a league of their own. This Japanese stall has over 300 branches in Japan and now you can savour their version of these Japanese octopus balls thanks to their maiden stall in Singapore at ION Orchard. These golden orbs are crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, with a succulent chunk of octopus encased within.

Japanese goza or dumpling, a Chinese import the Japanese have come to call their own, is another bite-size snack that comes highly recommended, especially the ones at Gyoza no Tetsujin by En. It comes directly from the Osaka Osho chain. These handmade morsels are the result of over 40 years of experience and they come either pan fried, deep fried or dunked in soup.

Load up on Carbs

Mouth-watering pillow
Mouth-watering pillows of steamed goodness bursting with yummy ingredients

Mushiya is a bakery that offers Hokkaido’s best pastries. Their steamed breads in every possible hue are topped with Japanese staples like mochi and red beans and have a texture that is denser than the Chinese huat kueh but still pillowy soft. Savoury versions like the potato, cheese and corn and curry are also worth a sample.

For something with more bite, Revolution Burgers or R Burgers is the Japanese take on the traditional American fast food, with a healthier spin to it. Fluffy steamed buns are stuffed with marine collagen, known for its benefits to the skin. Try the toufu nugget or toufu pudding if you are feeling particularly healthy.

rice dumplings
These rice dumplings also come in miniature sizes that allow you to sample the different types of rice dumplings without filling up

Local Peranakan fare comes to ION Orchard. So if you have a craving for authentic Nonya cuisine, you don’t have to travel to the Peranakan enclave at Joo Chiat Road. Just pop by Kim Choo Kueh Chang for your dose of rice dumplings – parcels of glutinous rice with an assortment filings wrapped in lotus leaves. Apart from the usual Nonya and salty dumplings, give your palate an adventure with their salty chilli prawn chang or their X.O. chang. The chilli prawn chang is generously filled with dried shrimps fried in chilli. The chilli has enough oomph without scalding the tongue and the dried shrimps are mouth-wateringly fragrant. The X.O. chang is lightly flavoured with the alcohol and has bits of scallops that guaranteed to be a real treat.

Sweet for my Sweets

handmade rice balls
These handmade rice balls are low fat and gluten-free so go ahead and indulge

To end on a sweet note, Azukian offers mochi on a stick. These Japanese rice balls come skewered in a quartet and topped with black sesame paste, red bean, mango or chocolate. Some come tossed in green tea or sesame powder.

As you take your pick of the best this shopping season has to offer, you can be assured that there is no lack of designer nosh you can take away. But that’s not to say guests are not welcome to sit down and enjoy the delicious treats that ION Orchard has to offer!

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