The Tone That Rings In Compliments and Free Stay

CapitaLand 10th Anniversary Mobile Ringtone Download Contest 2010 picks a winner

Issue: Mar 2011

CapitaLand Group YouTube Channel
The ringtones are available for download at the CapitaLand Group YouTube Channel

When 52 year-old Alan Nonis got a call from someone at CapitaLand to inform him that he has won the CapitaLand 10th Anniversary Mobile Ringtone Download Contest 2010, he was pleasantly surprised!

“I felt very happy indeed to have won!” exclaimed Nonis, an Associate Sales Executive from CBRE Realty Pte Ltd.

As part of CapitaLand’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, the company organised a Mobile Ringtone Download Contest that ran from November 19 to December 10, 2010. The downloadable ringtones were the tunes of CapitaLand’s 10th anniversary television commercial series. The one-month contest attracted more than 1,300 downloads, out of which 960 were unique entries. This is higher than the industry’s average of 700 downloads.

On The House

As the winner of the contest, Nonis won himself a complimentary three consecutive nights’ stay in a studio apartment unit at any of CapitaLand’s Ascott serviced residences in South East Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, excluding Singapore.

Already he was planning on going to Vietnam. “That’s one place I haven’t been to,” he explained. And Nonis would be spoilt for choice. There are five operating serviced residences managed by Ascott in Vietnam alone.

Building People

And if you haven’t already heard or seen it, you should. CapitaLand’s one-minute television commercial, which can be viewed at the CapitaLand Group YouTube video channel, rings in rave reviews from people who have seen and heard it.

“I like this commercial very much. It made buildings come to life,” says a netizen by the name of yongcheng, who viewed the television commercial on YouTube.

“This commercial is so good, especially the song!” exclaims another netizen by the name of geniust3ck on YouTube.

CapitaLand’s 10th Anniversary television commercial is both dramatic and inspiring. It cleverly captures the essence of CapitaLand’s credo, “Building People”, which holds duo meaning. It identifies CapitaLand as a real estate developer whose purpose is to build buildings and by that, improve people’s lives and society through building good buildings. The credo also describes CapitaLand’s dedication towards imparting the right value systems to its people, such that what they build for others hold steadfast the same values that are at the core of the company.

“The television commercial explores the symbiotic relationship between building and people. It draws a parallel between the two. Specifically, it looks at the right value systems we strive for and in themselves are often the very same values we look for in buildings as well. For example, both a good person and a good building are sensible to his/her or its surroundings. Both people and buildings will strive to be mindful and harmonious to their environments. At CapitaLand we take the same approach to building the two,” explains Tan Bee Leng, Vice President, Corporate Marketing.

The television commercial also uses the teachings of Confucianism to emphasise the five virtues that a CapitaLand staff should develop: benevolence, righteousness, decorum, wisdom and trustworthiness.

Alan Nonis
Alan Nonis, happy to have won himself a complimentary stay at any of CapitaLand’s Ascott serviced residences in South East Asia

The Special Song

Many who have seen the commercial were also taken in by the music that accompanies the series of dramatically framed shots of CapitaLand’s buildings in Asia Pacific and creatively crafted shots of people’s interaction with the buildings.

The music was specially composed and written for CapitaLand’s television commercial. The music comes in different arrangements: sonata, aria and symphony. The MP3, M4R and WMA versions of the ringtone are also available for download on the CapitaLand Group YouTube Channel.

The music with Latin lyrics has touched those who have heard it. “The song gave me goose bumps and I almost cried!” commented another netizen by the name of rifqi7san on YouTube.

The Latin lyrics of the song ties in well with the values portrayed in the television commercial.

Latin Lyrics

Omnia Mundis Omnia Munda (All good All pure)

Veritas, Sapientia, Fides (Truth Wisdom Faith)

Since the run of the television commercial, it has indeed managed to reach out and inform people of CapitaLand’s continuing efforts in building great buildings and building people. And for Nonis, this simple contest has certainly inspired him to live, work and play in CapitaLand buildings more often in the future – both locally and overseas.

User Elizabet
221.178.182.X | 2016-02-14 12:38:52
Hi, I follow your blog from time to time. I aplpied for 500 lots placement from DBS during the bookrunning, and got 25 lots only (i.e. 5% allocation). Not sure if my banker favoured other clients over me, but if the allocation is anything to go by, this should be well received. I'll try my luck at the ATM too :)
User Harvinder
59.189.177.X | 2012-11-25 09:48:53
can you please commission for the full piece of music to be released, or at least the 1min version of the track used for the tc advert. Thanks
User CapitaLand
202.79.215.X | 2012-12-03 09:08:50
Dear Harvinder,

Thank you for your comment.

CapitaLand has no current intention to release the music track but you can download them as ringtones from our official YouTube channel (

Just click on the ‘Show more’ tab to see download links.
User lynn
218.186.10.X | 2012-02-03 20:51:19
Where can I buy the sound track in full version ? Or the title of the disc ?
Thank you.
User CapitaLand
116.14.15.X | 2012-03-20 20:01:33
Hi Lynn

The music was specially composed and written for our television commercial and is not sold in stores. There are three different arrangements(sonata, aria and symphony) that you can download from the links in the above article.
User CapitaLand
202.79.215.X | 2012-01-17 10:53:10
Hi Novi

Thank you for your interest in our ring tones. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have since checked and the link is working now. Kindly download the ring tones again.
User Novi
118.136.35.X | 2012-01-14 21:03:40
The link to your ringtones is broken. Can you please direct me to another link of these great ringtones? Thank you.
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