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Human Resource Manager of CapitaLand Commercial Limited, Goh Yushan, shares about how CapitaLand has helped her grow professionally and personally

Issue: Sep 2012

Ladies in red- Yushan (2nd from left) celebrating the Lunar New Year with her colleagues at the office
Ladies in red- Yushan (2nd from left) celebrating the Lunar New Year with her colleagues at the office

The most memorable experience I have had in CapitaLand, thus far, was to attend the inaugural HR Forum in Kunshan, Shanghai in 2010. At the forum, top management, business leaders and HR counterparts shared about human resource challenges that the business faced. There was also a very interesting talk by Ms Tamara J. Erickson on “Generation Diversity” which led to a fairly passionate discussion on the difficulties of keeping the Gen Y colleagues engaged. The participants’ sentiments were that Gen Yers are generally impatient and they expect immediate gratification and recognition. When their expectations are not met, the Gen Yers will simply leave the company for greener pastures. One of the business leaders then shared his experience in CapitaLand where he was given plenty of opportunities to work in different roles across different regions. Till today, his concluding statement continues to motivate me: “CapitaLand will definitely give its people opportunities, as long as the person has the capability to fulfill the role. You just have to be patient and prove yourself.”

My five-year milestone

This October marks my fifth year with CapitaLand. Being a Gen Yer, it has always been a topic of interest among my peers how I manage to stay in the same company for so long, especially when they change jobs every year or so. I would always tell them that the diverse and dynamic environment at CapitaLand has kept me busy adapting to and learning new things. The support and guidance from my supervisor and team members have also kept me motivated to carry on even when things were not running smoothly.

I started my career in CapitaLand as a HR executive in a support role. When my predecessor transferred to another business unit, I was given the opportunity to step up and handle the full HR spectrum for the overseas operations. This new opportunity broadened my horizons and gave me the exposure and learning experience which I am grateful for. It was a huge challenge, especially when it involved learning about the complex tax legislations and employment laws in the developing countries. It also entailed the need to understand the local markets and cultures to be able to make feasible recommendations to the senior management.

Yushan and her family
Yushan and her family

After two years in that role, I was fortunate to be given the chance to undertake the Compensation & Benefits portfolio after I had shared with my supervisor that I was keen to move into this area. She encouraged me to attend specialised courses and to take up post-graduate certifications under the CapitaLand’s sponsorship programme to equip myself with the technical knowledge and necessary skills. The guidance from my supervisor and the advice given by my HR colleagues in CapitaLand have definitely made the steep learning curve more manageable. Over the years, I have worked with people from junior executives to CEOs, and have made friends with local as well as overseas colleagues. Not only have I gained deeper insights and perspectives as a HR personnel, I have also become more confident when dealing with people.

A company that truly cares

Apart from the opportunities to develop people in their professional capacity, CapitaLand has also been a caring company that looks after the well-being of its people.

As a new mum, it gave me great comfort to know that I could continue to breastfeed my daughter when I returned to work as nursing rooms were provided at Robinson Point. CapitaLand Commercial Limited has also rolled out the telecommuting scheme recently where staff could work from home once a week. The scheme has allowed me to cut down on travelling time which I could, in turn, spend with my family.

Yushan and her family had some quality time with her parents and her sister’s family in Melbourne under the HAPPY programme
Yushan and her family had some quality time with her parents and her sister’s family in Melbourne under the HAPPY programme

Without a doubt, my career with CapitaLand has been rewarding and fulfilling, and I look forward to more opportunities and challenges to come!

Article is contributed by Goh Yushan, Human Resource Manager, CapitaLand Commercial Limited

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