• 2016 New Year Message - The Future of Real Estate

    Leaders Jan 2016
    Harnessing strengths as ONE CapitaLand, Mr Lim Ming Yan, CapitaLand’s President & Group CEO shares his thoughts on the Future of Real Estate as the company continues its transformation journey
  • 2016年新年寄语——房地产的未来

    Leaders Jan 2016
  • A Blueprint Of Tomorrow

    City Jan 2016
    CapitaLand brings people and technology together to build real estate of the future
  • Building capabilities for the future

    For land-scarce cities with ageing populations, integrated developments may be the solution for the future. The new CapitaLand Integrated Development Programme equips staff with the knowledge and know-how they need to prepare for tomorrow
  • Exploring The New, Enjoying The Old

    Escape Jan 2016
    Busan may be on the development fast track but the Korean harbour city isn’t leaving its past behind, as Scarlett Lee, HR Executive at Citadines Haeundae Busan, Scarlett Lee shows us
  • Food For Generations To Come

    Gourmet Jan 2016
    Inside sits down with Chef Fernando Arevalo of newly opened Artemis Grill at CapitaGreen to get his take on the sustainable food movement
  • Flip-Dot Wonder

    Art @ CapitaLand Jan 2016
    UK artist collective Troika’s innovative Waterfall at ION Orchard takes a near-obsolete technology into the future
  • Timeless, Ageless Homes

    Living Jan 2016
    Discover four easy Universal Design tips to make your living space more liveable and inclusive - today and in the future
  • Future-proof Your Wardrobe

    Fashion Jan 2016
    Fashion trends come and go but closet classics will keep your corporate wardrobe on-point, all the time. If you have racks of clothes but nothing to wear, these six staple pieces will be everything you need
  • Get Organised This New Year

    Technology Jan 2016
    If you have a million things on your to-do list and that list looks set to follow you into the new year, check out these five highly-rated productivity apps

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