• Purely Pragmatic

    Leaders Apr 2015
    Straight-talking, practical go-getter Mr Qian Yiqi, Managing Director of CapitaLand China Development Fund and General Manager of Ningbo & Hangzhou, CapitaLand China, credits his winning results at work to his what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to life
  • Home in Heavenly Hangzhou

    Home Apr 2015
    Soaring by the sparkling waters of the Jinghang Grand Canal at the Central Business District is Riverfront Mansion, CapitaLand’s latest luxury residential development in picturesque Hangzhou, China
  • Against All Odds

    Art @ CapitaLand Apr 2015
    Marvel at the amazing life journey of Singapore artist Victor Tan and the making of his latest sculpture, The Hummingbird
  • Trail Blazing Their Way to Healthy Eating

    Change Makers Apr 2015
    P.E.E.K @ Kids’ Food Fund 2015 kicked off with a fun-filled food and nutrition trail, sending 88 children beneficiaries racing through Westgate, CapitaLand’s shopping mall
  • Fragrant Journey Through Tea Territory

    Escape Apr 2015
    Come away on a tea-themed tour of China’s tea capital, Hangzhou, and have a taste of its tea culture with Tony Zhao, Assistant Residence Manager of the Citadines Intime City Hangzhou
  • Tech Time for Tea

    Technology Apr 2015
    5 amazing tea makers that can help you whip up your perfect cup of gourmet tea in a jiffy!
  • 10 Ways to Turn Tea into a Handy Household Helper

    Living Apr 2015
    Find out how that tasty brew is not only good for your health but can help you clean, deodorise and protect your house
  • Pulling Out the Best ‘Pulled Tea’ in Town

    Gourmet Apr 2015
    Inside taste tests teh tariks (pulled tea) around town and tells you which local milk tea hits the right spot!
  • Tea-rrific Treats for Your Skin

    Fashion Apr 2015
    Want healthier, younger looking skin? Try adding these 7 soaps, scents and skin care products made with tea to your beauty regime

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