• The Sky’s the Limit

    Leaders Nov 2013
    Chief Investment Officer of The Ascott Limited, Mr Gerald Yong, is proof that, with hard work, you can aim high
  • Sky Vue Reaches New Heights

    Home Nov 2013
    CapitaLand’s latest residential development in Bishan is the best-selling project in Singapore for September 2013 and sets a new benchmark for city-fringe living
  • Flying High

    Art @ CapitaLand Nov 2013
    Get ready to let your imagination fly high with French sculptor Etienne's sculpture, The Flight
  • Racing to Clear the Skies

    Eco Now Nov 2013
    Over 300 tenants and partners participated in CapitaCommercial Trust’s Eco Race 2013 as they raced against time to cut carbon footprint and raise money for the underprivileged children
  • Top Billing for a Hospitality Superstar

    Escape Nov 2013
    The Ascott Limited is counting on you to win even bigger at the Oscars of the travel industry
  • Building People

    CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business shares about the Technical Trek, an initiative to build the personal growth and professional skill set of CapitaLand's technical personnel
  • Indulge in the High Life in Bangkok

    Escape Nov 2013
    Rock climbing, paramotoring, bungee jumping and mountain trekking – Residence Manager, Vic3 Bangkok, Dome Phuakachee, shows a side of the city that will excite visitors with a penchant for heights
  • Flights of (Culinary) Fancy

    Gourmet Nov 2013
    From an aviation-themed restaurant to elegant dining options perched atop the city - it’s all about eateries that will give you a gastronomic high!
  • Garden in the Sky

    Living Nov 2013
    Create your very own sky garden on your balcony or rooftop with 5 easy-to-do tips at your (green) fingertips

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