• Be a Panda Party Planner!

    Panda Journey Aug 2013
    Stand a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s birthdays at River Safari
  • Marrying Logic with Human Touch

    Leaders Aug 2013
    Straight-talking, clear-thinking Chief Technology Officer of CapitaLand Limited, Ms Leong Soon Peng, shares about the importance of a logical mind in work and in life
  • Digital Dreamscape

    Art @ CapitaLand Aug 2013
    When you see trees of epic proportions layered upon familiar landmarks with fluttering butterflies in mid air, you know you have entered a digital world of 21st century Surrealist art
  • I Play Green, And You?

    Leisure Aug 2013
    Shoppers picked up green tips at Funan DigitaLife Mall and Clarke Quay using augmented reality
  • Service at Your Fingertips

    Two portals that make managing season parking lots and checking on the progress of your new home quick and convenient
  • Systematically Clean and Green

    Eco Now Aug 2013
    Check out CapitaMalls Asia’s innovation that helps improve productivity in the upkeep of restroom cleanliness through technology
  • Explore France in 14 Days!

    Escape Aug 2013
    From scenic Montpellier to the gastronomic cities of Grenoble and Lyon, Ascott’s new online booking engine lets you reserve multiple apartments at a go, making city-hopping so simple
  • Building Up Expertise

    CapitaDNA Aug 2013
    CapitaMalls Asia’s Regional Investment and Asset Management Executive, Zhang Tian, tells how he went from falling in love with the company’s shopping malls to joining the force behind them
  • Inside Outside

    CapitaLand’s e-publication, Inside Different Geographies, is now mobile-friendly, giving you easy-to-read, ready access to information on the go!
  • Shopping Smart

    Technology Aug 2013
    CapitaMalls Asia apps that help you find a bargain, clue you in on the latest trends and help you navigate malls to make shopping a synch
  • Tech Time to Eat Out

    Gourmet Aug 2013
    Tap into technology that lets you know real time queue times at your favourite restaurant, make reservations, and even order your meals all at a single touch

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