• Enriching Junior

    Fashion Jul 2013
    Treat baby to the spa, book a foot massage for little one or let junior take up some fun music classes to unleash his creativity - ideas are aplenty to develop and enrich kids physically and mentally
  • Joy & Love, Growth & Togetherness

    Art @ CapitaLand Jul 2013
    Artful and playful - Singapore sculptor Mr Lim Leong Seng’s works leave viewers with plenty of room for imagination and interpretation of what it means to be a family
  • Child-like Hope

    Change Makers Jul 2013
    CapitaLand Therapy for Children Project brings hope and love to underprivileged children with disabilities, giving these little warriors the chance to lead normal, happy lives
  • Big Fun for Little Ones

    Escape Jul 2013
    Swim among the mountain fairies and dragon king or feed reptiles with a long pole! Chung Minh Van, Assistant Residence Manager, Somerset Ho Chi Minh City, tells us the endless fun children can have in the city
  • Favouring Baby

    Gourmet Jul 2013
    From cakes, red eggs, glutinous rice to personalised cookies - There is no end to the types of favours and significance when it comes to celebrating the birth of a child
  • A Colourful Childhood

    Leaders Jul 2013
    From feeding crocodiles to selling steamers, Mr Tan Seng Chai, Group CCO, CapitaLand Limited, shares his childhood and why he can identify with underprivileged children
  • Caring From the Heart

    Budding Talents Jul 2013
    From collecting old clothes for orphans to making breakfast for colleagues on Valentine’s Day, Because iCare winners make caring for children and colleagues their way of life
  • Thoughtfully Designed for All

    Leisure Jul 2013
    From child protection seats, loan of pram and wheelchair to a multi-purpose play and fitness area suitable for all ages, Inside checks out the award-winning Universal Design features at Bedok Mall and Bedok Residences
  • A United Show of Love

    CapitaDNA Jul 2013
    CapitaLand Singapore team worked hand in hand to support the Because iCare - Kai Kai & Jia Jia Charity Drive

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