• A Steamy Respite

    Living Apr 2009
    The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and designers around the world are creating innovative, stylish, even green technologies to build this inner sanctum.
  • The Flick Seen Around the World

    Eco Now Apr 2009
    The Earth Hour movement swept across the globe on 28th March 2009. See the collective efforts that contributed to the success of this global event.
  • Modern Riverside Living

    Home Apr 2009
    Riverside Ville and The Riviera offer classic waterfront living in a contemporary environment that blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings.
  • Making Waves in Western Australia

    Home Apr 2009
    Just outside of Perth is a seaside community that is set to be the model of relaxed and sustainable living – its name is Port Coogee.
  • A Twist of Nature

    City Apr 2009
    CapitaLand’s ‘Green for Hope’ project is roping in students to do their part for the environment. And the response is heartening! Taking the river as inspiration and twisting it with contemporary design results in the perfect combination of form and func
  • Think Today, Drink Tomorrow

    Eco Now Apr 2009
    All hands on deck as CapitaLand helps to improve the waters of Singapore.
  • The World is Your Oyster

    Gourmet Apr 2009
    Oysters have been an obsession for gourmands throughout the centuries. We take a look at how this simple shellfish has won hearts and taste buds the world over.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd

    Leisure Apr 2009
    A colourful new arrival in the pulsating heart of Tokyo.
  • The Art of Sharing

    Change Makers Apr 2009
    A desire to find new ways to enrich the serviced residence experience led to an art exhibition and the sharing of a passion at Somerset Grand Cairnhill.
  • The Constant Learner

    Leaders Apr 2009
    CapitaLand Retail CEO Lim Beng Chee believes in giving his staff the same opportunities he's been given.

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