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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the World Cup 2010 Finals at Clarke Quay

Issue: Jul 2010

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Clarke Quay is the place to wine, dine and catch the World Cup 2010 Finals with friends

Fathom this: watching the World Cup inside a giant football equipped with a well-stocked fridge, a games console and a bunk bed. Well, that what an Australian man has been selected by Adidas to do, along with tweeting and writing blogs inside the six-metre diameter Jabulani ball.

But half the fun of watching football is cheering (or jeering) with your mates! And come July 11, there are more reasons why you should get out of your home to catch the all the action and more of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals!

INSIDE gives you 10 good reasons (not in order of preference or priority) why you should catch the football fever with your buddies at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Reason # 1: Beer Galore

What’s football watching without beer? At the Pump Room, you can get the freshest of beer, hand-crafted right there at their microbrewery. With a range of different lager and ale, each glass of beer at the Pump Room is unfiltered, unpasturised and 100% natural.

Do check out their promotions on draft beers and bottoms up as you cheer your favourite football team on!

Reason # 2: Great Bar Food

Scotch Eggs
Scotch Eggs – an unusual finger food to go with your beer

Clarke Quay has no less than 62 bars and restaurants so there’s no lack of places to get great bar food

Check out Muchos Mexican and Bar Restaurant for an authentic taste of Mexican exotic flavours with mouth-watering selection of snacks and starters. Savour the distinctive flavours of Chilli Con Carne, Fish Vera Cruz, crunchy Nachos (beef or vegetarian) as well as Quesadillas and Enchiladas.

For a taste of Scotland, try the unusual snacks at Highlander Bar and Restaurant. The Scotch Egg, for example, is a hard-boiled egg encased in minced beef, rolled in breadcrumbs, deep-fried until golden brown and served with a mustard mayonnaise dip. For other unique bar snacks, you’d be delighted with Sautéed Whisky Prawns, Venison Sausages and Smoked Kipper Toasties, which are seasoned mashed fish folded with double cream, cheese and grilled until golden brown.

Reason # 3: Have Your Fill

Delectable fusion cuisine served with style
Delectable fusion cuisine served with style

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have dinner and then stay for the match.

Restaurant Madam Butterfly serves up modern Chinese cuisine from Indochina, conceived from the perfect marriage between taste and art. The food itself is exquisite - Chinese food served with the style and panache of the French, and prepared with the joie de vivre of the Italians. Here, you can find premium dishes standard on any menu from deluxe Chinese restaurants but in the quietude one would expect from a chic Western eatery.

After the scrumptious meal, proceed to the bar and enjoy the World Cup on their mega 150-inch screen!

Tapas Tree is another restaurant that serves authentic ethnic cuisine. Offering over 70 kinds of Spanish ‘Tapas’ (small Spanish delicacies), paellas, soups, salads and desserts, prepared from original ingredients, the food is served with wines typically from the most famous wine producing regions in Spain.

Your dining experience will also include an authentic and original Spanish feel with the Mediterranean decor and a background of Flamenco - style music.

Reason # 4: Promotions Galore

During this World Cup season, you can be sure to get some good deals at the outlets at Clarke Quay.

Coffee Club is offering more than just coffee. You can buy three bottles of beer at S$20 or two bottles and a snack at the same price.

Senor Santos, the new Brazilian churrascaria, offers all-you-can-eat grill meats at $39.80 per adult. That is also inclusive of the buffet salad and pasta bar.

The Beer Market has a Carlsberg promotion till the day of the World Cup Finals.

And Azzucar is offering Heineken Pints at $13 and Mojitos at $15.

Reason # 5: More Freebies

If those promotions are not enough, there are freebies to keep the happy hour longer!

Hooters offers an exclusive World Cup premium free with every purchase of two pitchers of beer. You can also buy two mugs of beers or two glasses of Housepour Spirits and get the third one on the house. On the day of the Semi-Finals and the Finals, Hooters is extending their opening hours till 4.30am.

At Tapas Tree, you can receive a Leopard Leap Soccer Ball free of charge when you buy two bottles of the South African Leopard Leap Wine.

Reason # 6: People Watch

perfect hideaway
A perfect hideaway for capturing a moment of peace by yourself as you people watch and trend spot

Before the game begins, chill out and do some people watching and trend spotting. Clarke Quay is a perfect place to do that. After all, it is a place that offers not only good dining and entertainment; it’s the place to be seen as well.

Le Noir is a perfect hideaway to spot the trendy, the sophisticated, the suave, the svelte, the elite and all the interesting people who go there. The place itself, with its elegant rich-black interior, has an outdoor bar as well. Le Noir has the appeal of an intimate nightclub as well as a high-energy night bar.

hypnotic charms and titillating senses
Be transported to a world of hypnotic charms and titillating senses

Bar CoCoon in the Forbidden City offers a cozy venue for lounging, socializing and clubbing with massive opium beds enveloped by silk lanterns and drapery providing a sensuous charm to its relaxing ambience of Eastern sensuality. So sit back or recline at one of the opium beds and people watch!

Reason # 7: Great Sporting Ambience

For more sporting action, just a stone’s throw away from the GMAX vertical bungy is the Bungy Bar. It’s a place where everyone goes to have ice-cold beers, enjoy a delectable meal and most importantly, enjoy live sport.

Since it opened in 2004, Bungy Bar has become one of the premier places to catch your favourite sporting event. Bungy Bar is best known for showing live screenings of important sports events such as the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Formula 1, English Premier League, Rugby Super 14, Australian Rules Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League.

Reason # 8: Merry Mix of Music

Enjoy the merry mix
Enjoy the merry mix of “rockish” anthems from the 80s, 90s and some of today’s pop rock favourites

At Yello Jello Retro Bar, you can take a trip down memory lane, revive the Beatles mania or enjoy the merry mix of pop hits and retro funk disco music.

For a different genre, head down to Clarke Quay’s very first Irish bar. Mulligan’s is set to enhance Clarke Quay’s cultural mix of music with authentic live Irish performances. You can chomp down a heart Irish steak or Guinness pie at Mulligan’s while you enjoy the performances by their resident Irish musicians. To add to the offer, there are numerous plasma television and projection screens for you to view the World Cup matches.

There’s also Shanghai Dolly, the new chic addition to the Clarke Quay clan. Part of the St James group, Shanghai Dolly is luxuriant in Oriental opulence. Offering quite a different blend of music, toast to the bygone days of Jiaqi, Joh Toh, San Yue and William Scorpion, along with a host of new singers, dancers, DJs and VJs.

Reason # 9: After-Match Parties

Stay long after the games are over!

Dance into the dance in celebration of your favourite team’s victory. And even if it doesn’t win, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just celebrate the spirit of sports!

Rebel Boutique Club
Rebel Boutique Club - cool urban hip-hop place that screams attitude and unconventional chic

There quite a few dance spots in Clarke Quay. Zirca Mega Club boasts of the most talented DJs and the perfect setting for mind-blowing sets. Brace yourself for unadulterated audio-visual bliss with head-banging music ranging from electro to house, progressive and trance, accompanied by stunning visuals!

You can also hit the dance floor at the award-winning resident DJs at the new Rebel Boutique Club. It’s an adult playground of sorts, engulfed by life-sized toy collectibles on display, walls of street art by renowned Melbourne artist, Meggs. So be prepared for a night of pure showmanship that promises to blow your mind as well as the speakers away!

Reason # 10: Screens Galore

We have lost count but there are certainly more than 20 screens beaming the Word Cup live at Clarke Quay - one final reason why you should go there for matches!

So what are you waiting for? With all the good food, wine, beer, entertainment and live-action sports descending on one place, there’s no need to go elsewhere!

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