Green Builder of the Year

CapitaLand recognised by Frost & Sullivan in its Green Excellence Awards 2011

Issue: Aug 2011

Raffles City, Hangzhou
Raffles City Hangzhou, China was awarded the Gold Level Pre – Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Core and Shell (LEED – US) by the US Green Building Council in 2010

CapitaLand recently scooped up a regional green accolade - the Asia Pacific Green Builder of the Year Award 2011 by Frost & Sullivan. This is the first time the global business research and consulting leader expanded the Green Excellence Awards to Asia Pacific to include Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Frost & Sullivan's team of analysts employed a rigorous measurement-based methodology to shortlist leading real estate companies in various Asia market segments. Industry analysts then compared market participants and measured the Group's performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices. The criteria for assessment include: growth strategy excellence, number of certified green buildings owned, green concept and environmental sustainability practice implementation, and the degree of innovation in the Group's products and technologies. CapitaLand was the only Singapore-based real estate to be recognised by these Green Excellence Awards because it excelled in green product and technology innovation as well as service achievements in the Environment category.

President and CEO of CapitaLand Group, Mr Liew Mun Leong, said, "We are honoured to be conferred the inaugural Green Builder of the Year award. CapitaLand is committed to playing its part as an environmentally-sustainable real estate developer and aims to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of green buildings and environmental protection."

Raffles City, Singapore
Raffles City Singapore, winner of the Green Mark Gold BCA Awards 2011

JCube, the winner of the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2011, will be fitted with green features such as an ice rink grey-water recycling system and a rainwater harvesting tank

Leader in Developing Green Buildings

CapitaLand's commitment to building and managing green buildings is well documented and recognised. It is the only Singapore company to be listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index 2010/2011 the third year running and continues to be one of only two Singapore companies in the index. In the Asian Sustainability Rating 2010, CapitaLand was highlighted as a sustainability leader. Its new vision is to be a top global Green Developer by 2013.

Three-Point Framework in Going Green: Structure, System and Stakeholder Engagement

CapitaLand adopts a three point framework in its green movement.

First, CapitaLand has in place an organisation structure to drive green initiatives. The CapitaLand Green Committee was formed in end-2006 to spearhead Group-wide green initiatives in Singapore and overseas. The Chairman of the Green Committee reports on a regular basis to a Steering Committee comprising CapitaLand's Council of CEOs, and chaired by the Group President and CEO, Mr Liew Mun Leong.

To meet the new vision, each strategic business unit (SBU) has formed its own Green Committee to drive the green initiatives within the SBU. CapitaLand CEOs have been appointed Green Champions of their respective SBUs.

Second, CapitaLand employs systems and technology to guide its green initiatives. CapitaLand's Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) is already ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. The Group targets to obtain ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001certification for its EHSMS on a global scale by 2012.

One key component of the EHSMS to ensure this is the CapitaLand Green Buildings Guidelines (GBG) by the Green Committee. The specific guidelines and policies map out ways in which environmental considerations are to be factored into every stage of a project. It is updated on a regular basis to ensure that CapitaLand continually improves on its environmental performance. The latest version of GBG includes the following key enhancements: further focusing on biodiversity to advocate a consultation process with relevant stakeholders, e.g. local conservation authorities. This also includes verification with the International Union for Conservation of Nature on whether the site is designated as a protected area and whether it has any protected plant or animal species. The use of timber from responsibly managed forests for hardwood products is also encouraged. In addition, guidelines have been included to ensure that universal design considerations are factored in right from the start of a development project. This will ensure that public space in CapitaLand projects will be accessible to users of different age groups and varying abilities.

CapitaLand has established longer term targets for the reduction of energy and water usage in its properties worldwide. It uses an in-house developed Environmental Tracking System (ETS) to measure the environmental performance of its properties. A new enhanced version of the ETS will be launched this year with features to better cater to the measurement of the company's global portofolio.

CapitaLand's Long Term Energy and Water Reduction Target

Whilst environmental performance forms part of the key performance indicators for the business units, CapitaLand also recognises outstanding green performance by individual staff. CapitaLand launched its Green Reward scheme in 2011 to reward specific SBUs and staff for their impactful Green Innovations such as the iTrack programme by CapitaMalls Asia which allows them to leverage on technology to manage their operations in real time and cut down on paper consumption and travel costs, as well as successful green stakeholder engagement programmes in Singapore and the Philippines.

Leveraging on Green Technology

CapitaLand corporate offices are progressively switching to LED and T5 lightings which can potentially result in an 11 per cent decrease in energy consumption in some offices. At the Ascott serviced residences, air-conditioning temperatures are raised during non-peak hours, and variable speed drives for water pumps and air-handling units are used to save energy.

Wear Less Day
CapitaLand staff and tenants turned up for work in comfortable business casual for the conservation cause on the inaugural Wear Less Day in March 2011

Leader in Green Engagement with Stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders such as CapitaLand's tenants, shoppers, residents, staff, children, and the general public is a key component in its green movement. Green training to make sure every employee is on board with the green message and able to fight global warming was institutionalised with the introduction of the Green Army.

Stakeholders also got into the act. Over 200 CapitaLand properties worldwide took part in this year's Earth Hour. Beyond the hour, CapitaLand also encouraged staff and office tenants to turn up the temperature in the office and dress down to save energy on Wear Less Day. For its fun and funky idea, CapitaLand won the Participation Award for Most Creative Campaign for Earth Hour 2011 by the WWF.

Lynette Leong, CEO of CapitaCommercial Trust Management, and Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge's Marketing Company
Lynette Leong, CEO of CapitaCommercial Trust Management, and Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge's Marketing Company officially opened the Water for the World™ Troubled Waters exhibition at One George Street, an office building owned by CapitaCommercial Trust.

Its annual Green for Hope programme brings together stakeholders and society in an effort to marry conservation and charity. Every year, CapitaLand's philanthropic arm, CapitaLand Hope Foundation, donates S$2 for every kilogramme of recycled waste collected from participating CapitaLand properties and primary schools in Singapore, withthe money helping underprivileged children. Since 2008, over 3,200 tonnes of recyclable waste was collected from over 150 participating primary schools and CapitaLand properties, raising about S$3.9 million in donations. This programme has also improved the recycling rate of Singapore primary schools by more than 2.5 times since its launch.

Another effort to bringing the green movement to society was the "Troubled Waters" Exhibition held last month. CapitaCommercial Trust (CCT) jointly put up an exhibition entitled "Troubled Waters" with Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions at CCT's properties namely Capital Tower, One George Street, Six Battery Road and Wilkie Edge. The exhibition held during Singapore International Water Week 2011 featured the work of Belgian photographer, Dieter Telemans, and provided an insight into the water problems of the world in the hope of highlighting the need for water conservation.

All staff at The Ascott Limited will receive the “Green Cubby” mascot wobblers to place at their workstations, to serve as friendly reminders to be eco-conscious
All staff at The Ascott Limited will receive the "Green Cubby" mascot wobblers to place at their workstations, to serve as friendly reminders to be eco-conscious

CapitaLand's serviced residence arm The Ascott Limited also launched its Go Green @ Ascott movement last month to encourage all staff to adopt Green and sustainable business practices in its activities. Some of the initiatives include the Go Green @ Ascott pages on its intranet portal to consolidate and share Green best practices, and the launch of its "Green Cubby" mascot to serve as a friendly reminder to staff to be eco-conscious.

With such vision and commitment to the sustainability of the world, CapitaLand looks set to continue to march ahead of the green parade.

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