Saving Energy Can Be Fun

CapitaLand’s first Wear Less Day was a hit

Issue: Apr 2011

CapitaFrog made a special appearance at Capital Tower on Wear Less Day to spread the message of environmental sustainability to staff and office tenants

On 25 March, the day before Earth Hour 2011, employees and tenants of CapitaLand properties in Singapore turned up for work in less than their usual garb. Their new fashion sense was all part of CapitaLand Wear Less Day, a first-time initiative by the international property giant to take the Earth Hour message further and go “beyond the hour”. As the air-conditioning at their workplaces went up to 25℃, people came dressed down.

Making a Fashion Statement for the Earth

Ernie Wear Less
Over 150 photos were submitted to in support of CapitaLand Wear Less Day

Studies have shown that turning up the air-conditioning by one degree could lead to 3 percent in energy savings in a year. This was the impetus for CapitaLand Wear Less Day. Setting the air-conditioning at a pleasant and more natural temperature of 24℃ or higher will also go a long way in reducing the incidence of health issues such as nasal problems (sinus, sneezing) and dry eyes caused by air-conditioning.

Ernie Wear Less
Creativity and cheekiness displayed by the SAP team of CapitaLand Limited through the photo submission of the topless Ernie plush toy for the CapitaLand Wear Less Day

To inject fun into the event, CapitaLand organised a photo competition encouraging participants of Wear Less Day to upload a picture of themselves in their fashion choice of the day and the CapitaLand Wear Less Day sticker.

Over 150 photos were submitted to 10 lucky winners will be randomly drawn from the submissions. Each of the winners will receive an exclusive CapitaFrog plush toy, CapitaVouchers worth S$20, an exclusive travel set and a CapitaLand commemorative book set.

But competition aside, staff and tenants uploaded their photos online to share their creative interpretation of Wear Less Day. This is evident from the photos where plush toys and plants form part of the picture.

Kissing the frog Cisco
Irene Qiu from Chio Lim Stone Forest, tenant at Wilkie Edge, showing her love for the environment
Phoon See Wan from Cisco, a tenant at Capital Tower took a picture with her plant in the office, sending a green message of planting plants to help mitigate the effects of global warming

Senior Executive of the Human Resource department at Ascott’s Corporate Office, Melissa Ho, came dressed in a funky gold vest and gamely posed for the camera with Ascott’s Human Resource Assistant Vice President, Denise Ang.

Ascott girls
Doing their part for the Earth in a fun way and looking great in their Wear Less attire are Denise Ang (left) and Melissa Ho from Ascott Corporate Office Human Resource.

Staff at Somerset Liang Court
The staff at Somerset Liang Court came in co-ordinated red polo tee-shirts in a show of corporate support for Wear Less Day

“We had fun energy-saving today. We should have more of such activities to heighten camaraderie,” said Ho.

“Wear Less Day is a fun and meaningful way of engaging our staff and tenants to play their part for the environment. We hope that this simple initiative will create greater awareness that every individual has an important role in environmental sustainability,” said Wong Hooe Wai, Chairman of CapitaLand’s Green Committee.

Staff at The Ascott Limited’s serviced residences in Singapore as well as the Philippines also came to work in polo tee-shirts instead of their usual uniform suits to spread the message of conserving energy to their residents.

“We wore a polo tee-shirt today and our guests had a positive reaction to it: they were very interested and intrigued. We told them that we dressed down as part of our Green initiative in conjunction with Earth Hour. We also promoted our activities for Earth Hour at the serviced residence at the same time. CapitaLand Wear Less Day thus created a talking point for us to promote two events at the same time. For us, the shirt is light-wearing and comfortable to work in,” said Paula Aguilar, Guest Service Officer at Ascott Makati.

Guest service officer at Makati and Group of 3
The polo tee-shirt worn by Ascott Makati’s staff became a talking point with residents on CapitaLand Wear Less Day

The tenants of CapitaLand gave the move a thumbs-up. The High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore, a tenant of One George Street, HE David Sevigny, said: “Countries and cities around the world are taking action to lower their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and we applaud the unique projects undertaken here in Singapore such as Wear Less Day in support of Earth Hour. By encouraging people to take a simple action, the hope is that people from around the world will realise how easy it is to reduce the amount of GHGs they produce in their daily actions. We can all make a difference.”

2 Children
Wear Less Day gave staff who are parents an opportunity to educate their children on global warming

Mr Yutaka Oinuma, Director of The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore Representative Office, a tenant at Six Battery Road, said: “This is a positive initiative by CapitaLand to engage us in a collective effort to save energy consumption.”

CapitaLand’s Continual Commitment to Sustainability

On 26 March 2011, over 200 CapitaLand properties across the globe turned off all the façade and non-essential lights through the night beginning 8.30pm (local time) during Earth Hour. This is the fourth year that the Group is participating in the annual global sustainability movement to make a stand against climate change.

Forum value mall and forum value mall lights out
(Above) Forum Value Mall in Bangalore before (left) and during (right) Earth Hour; Over 200 CapitaLand properties participated in Earth Hour 2011

CapitaLand’s commitment to environmental sustainability goes deeper and beyond. In 2010, CapitaLand retained its inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index 2010/2011 for the third year running. CapitaLand is one of only two Singapore companies in the index. As part of CapitaLand’s efforts towards environmental sustainability, the Group has set a long-term target to reduce energy and water usage by 20% per square metre for all the properties that it operates by 2020, using 2008 as the benchmark.

User Chris Lim
115.66.204.X | 2011-12-14 09:31:31
Hi guys at Capital land. I've been reading about your Green Campaign and your efforts to save energy too. And I think that is a great thing to do for the earth. But I would like to share this information with you as well. One of the main causes of very high energy comsumption within any office building is also caused by the possible wrong usage of AHU filters and inappropriate filter applications which prevents the entire building's AC to not work at its optimal condition. This can lead to very high pressure drops which makes the fan work harder, thus equating to very high energy consumption and maintainence cost. Some other effects includes high indoor air pollutions too. Would be great if perhaps we could share a little more about what we know to aid your green movement to the next level. =)
User CapitaLand
202.79.215.X | 2011-12-15 13:56:09
Hi Chris

Thank you for your comment. Our team from CapitaLand Commercial will be contacting you via email for further discussion.
User Chris Lim
115.66.204.X | 2011-12-27 12:19:42
That will be great! Looking forward to hearing from the team at capitaland Commercials. Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!
User Seah Eng Eng
57.250.231.X | 2011-04-12 17:42:09
I work at Equant P L (#04-02, Blk Oasis) in Technopark @ Chai Chee, and the airconditioning is extremely cold. When we complain to the management office - United Premas, they said they cannot do much. Most of the time the temperature is 22 to 23 degree Celsius. We are forced to wear sweaters/jackets in the office.
User CapitaLand Commercial Limited
119.75.32.X | 2011-04-27 15:13:28
Hi Eng Eng, thanks for your feedback. We are encouraged by the support from tenants to save energy together. Technopark@Chai Chee houses tenants with technological equipment, thus requires varying air-conditioning temperatures. We have notified the Centre Manager of the Building Management Team on your concern and he will be in touch with you.
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