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CapitaLand organises Wear Less Day to help stop climate change

Issue: Mar 2011

Wear Less Day Poster
Wear Less Day in Singapore: CapitaLand continues to come up with creative and fun ways to involve its staff and tenants to do their bit for the environment

Yes, you heard it right: wear less to work! And before you start to have any funny ideas, let us just set the record straight that it is done in the name of love for the environment.

While businesses around the world are gearing themselves up to remember Earth Hour on March 26, 2011, CapitaLand has come up with an unusual idea to go “beyond the hour”. To help bring the message of green right to the heart of the people working in, visiting or staying in any of its properties in Singapore, CapitaLand will be organising a Wear Less Day on March 25, 2011. This event is on top of our efforts to turn off the façade and non-essential lights of our over 190 properties around the world through the night beginning at 8:30 pm (local time).

Earth Hour Poster
CapitaLand continues to support Earth Hour for the fourth consecutive year on March 26, 2011 by turning off the lights of its over 190 properties around the world through the night beginning at 8:30pm (local time)

Turning Up the Temperature

The idea of a Wear Less Day was suggested by the team from CapitaLand Commercial Limited at a Green ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) camp. CapitaLand organises Green ICE camps, where staff gather together to address climate change problems and seek solutions that face everyone today.

“The intent was to increase indoor air conditioning temperature. However to ensure the comfort of our tenants and make it fun, the team came up with the idea of “Wear Less”, that is dressing down and turning up the temperature,” says Elvin Kwek, Green ICE Camp team leader and Operations Manager, Six Battery Road.

So, on 25 March, the temperatures at all CapitaLand properties, and offices of its participating tenants in its office buildings in Singapore will be turned up.

Studies show that by turning up the air-conditioning by one degree, it could possibly lead to energy savings of around 3% in a year.

Click and Upload

To turn up the heat further, CapitaLand is throwing in a competitive element.

Take a photo of yourself in your “Wear Less” attire in your office or at CapitaLand office properties in Singapore. Be sure that you have the CapitaLand Wear Less Day sticker on. These stickers will be distributed at our properties by the building management office. Upload your photo on CapitaLand’s Earth Hour website and you stand a chance to be one of the 10 lucky ones to win an attractive prize.

RAG staff in the Wear Less Dress Code
Collared polo shirt is one of the ways you can dress cool and still look smart on Wear Less Day

Dress Cool

Thanks to the fact that we live in the tropics in Singapore, wearing less and comfortable will not be much of a problem for most people here.

But if we may suggest – in the name of Mother Earth, dress “natural” and dress in environmental colours, namely brown and green.

Choose to wear clothes that are made from natural fabrics. This is because natural fabrics, as the term suggests, are created from fibers of silkworm cocoons, and plants' seeds, leaves, and stems.

In a climate like Singapore’s, your best bets are fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen. Cotton, for instance is cool, soft and comfortable. It also absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, therefore allowing the fabric to breathe. So, this makes cotton cool in a warm climate and warm in a cool climate.

Conversely, artificial fabrics like polyester or rayon are made from synthetic fibres that begin as chemical solutions. Synthetic fibers are not as porous as natural fibers and are also not as absorbent. Therefore they tend to trap heat. So if you are going to be in an environment that will be warmer, dress in clothes made from fabrics that are breathable.

For the ladies, short-sleeve blouses matched with cotton pants or skirts will make you look smart and keep you cool. Cotton dresses topped with a jacket that does not have extra lining, a sweater or a shawl will also smarten you up for meetings if you have to attend one that day. Think in terms of layers: you can pile on when you feel cold or take off when you feel warm.

There are also a couple more little things you can do to stay cool for the day: tie up your long hair and avoid accessories like scarf around your neck.

As for the gentlemen, business shirts and pants that do not contain any wool would do the trick. Since March 25 will be a Friday and if you happen not to have any formal meetings to attend, you may also consider wearing cotton polo shirts.

Dressing in light colours would also help to reflect the light and heat when you go for lunch outside your office building so that when you come back indoors, you will not feel so warm that you feel a need for more air-conditioning.

The competition begins on March 25, 2011 at 0900 (Singapore Time) and ends on April 1, 2011 at 2359 (Singapore Time). So be sure to click and upload your “Wear Less” Day pictures. For more details of this event, log on to www.capitaland.com/earthhour and do your bit for the environment in a fun and meaningful way!

User CapitaLand
119.75.32.X | 2011-04-15 11:40:50
Thanks for your feedback. It must be the catchy tagline that captured your attention. Don’t you think it is humorous and thought provoking? In fact, the idea of “Wear Less Day” came from our staff. Our objective is simple – no frills, no fancy words. Just “wear less” clothes, e.g. no jacket, wearing short sleeve tops, for a light and comfortable day in the office when air-con temperatures are turned up. Would like to hear from you if you have other suggestions in mind.
User Theng Kioh
219.74.66.X | 2011-03-04 08:24:15
Good idea but the title has some poor concept connection. Can we not be encouraging CapitaLand's value system, please? There are many good taste and yet attractive titles to be used.
Good Day!
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