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This Christmas, touch your loved ones with an attractive yet eco-friendly calendar for the New Year

Issue: Dec 2009

A moon cake tin gets a second life as a magnetic calendar
A moon cake tin gets a second life as a magnetic calendar

If you are a greenie who still wants to spread the love of Christmas with gifts, you could try your hand at making recycled presents. Ng Swee Ching, co-founder of scrapbook store Made With Love, shows INSIDE how to transform a moon cake tin into a magnetic calendar for 2010.

Magnets for the calendar
Magnets for the calendar

Materials needed:

  1. Moon cake tin;
  2. Cardstock paper (for the calendar base);
  3. Patterned papers of various designs;
  4. Recycled materials, such as papers, corrugated cardboard and plastic packaging;
  5. Materials that are gathered from around the house, such as buttons, clothing tags, felt, and pegs;
  6. Magnets;
  7. Permanent black marker pen, pencil and ruler;
  8. Scissors;
  9. Adhesives
  10. Needle and thread;
  11. Rubber stamps and ink pads;
  12. Clear gloss medium;
  13. Post-It notes & non-permanent marker pen.

STEP ONE: Creating the calendar base

Ink the sides of the squares to enhance their look
  1. Measure the bottom of the moon cake tin and trim two pieces of clear plastic packaging accordingly. Sew around three sides of the clear plastic packaging with embroidery thread to create a pocket for the calendar base.
  2. Using the marker pen and ruler, mark out a grid of five rows by seven columns on the front of the plastic pocket. Indicate the days of the week on top of the grid.
  3. Trim a piece of cardstock paper for the calendar base, to fit into the plastic pocket. Again, mark out a grid of five rows by seven columns to correspond with the grid marked on the plastic pocket.
  4. Cut patterned papers of various designs into squares to fit the grid. Ink the edge of each square
  5. Glue the squares, the corresponding month and other decorative embellishments onto the cardstock calendar base.
  6. Create different calendar bases with different patterned papers for all 12 months, which can be stored inside the moon cake tin.

STEP TWO: Creating the decorative magnets

You could use rubber stamps(left), buttons(right) or even pictures from magazines or fashion labels to create magnets
You could use rubber stamps(left), buttons(right) or even pictures from magazines or fashion labels to create magnets
  1. Use rubber stamps to add interesting images to paper and trim the images to fit the grid of the calendar base. Add clear gloss medium to the surface to create an epoxy dimensional effect. Add magnet beneath.
  2. Rummage through Grandma’s collection of old buttons and glue buttons of different sizes together. Add magnet beneath.
  3. Cut motifs (either by hand or using a die-cutting machine) from different materials (ranging from paper to cardboard to felt to fabric) and piece the motifs together with additional embellishments such as buttons. Add magnet beneath.
  4. Trim corrugated cardboard to grid size and rip off the top layer to expose the textures. Dab ink on the uneven surface and edges. Decorate with other embellishments. Add magnet beneath.
  5. Create magnets with specific designs to represent important or recurring events such as birthdays, public holidays, due dates for bill payments, medical appointments, or pay days.
  6. Create magnets with to match the theme for all 12 months, and store them inside the moon cake tin.

STEP THREE: Putting it all together

    Common caption: Close-up of the transformed magnetic calendar
  1. Place the calendar base into the plastic pocket. Use a non-permanent marker pen to write the dates on the plastic pockets over the squares of the calendar grid.
  2. Place the various magnets over the different dates. The magnets will hold the plastic pocket in place when the moon cake tin is standing upright.
  3. You may use Post-It notes or non-permanent marker pen to note down important dates or errands.

To learn more about scrapbooking, visit Made With Love:

68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura
Unit 03-21 Singapore 238839
Tel: (65) 6837 3464
Check out their website: for in-store Christmas promos.

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