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The Earth Hour movement swept across the globe on 28th March 2009. See the collective efforts that contributed to the success of this global event.

Issue: Apr 2009

Singapore CBD skyline minutes before 8:30 pm on 28 March 2009.

The city you live in may have become a little darker on 28 March 2009 at 8:30 pm Saturday night, however, the future became a little brighter. Hundreds of millions of people around the world took part in this year’s "Earth Hour" to raise awareness of the problem of global warming. Lights went off first in New Zealand and then the wave of darkness carried westward. Person by person, city by city, country by country, the lights went off until the dimming slowly circled the planet. As the lights went off, candlelight soon filled the dark left by the intentional power outage. People gathered in parks, on bridges and in their homes for candlelight celebrations.

From around the world the results of the power saved during the event and the awareness that it brought are coming in. In the Philippines, 15 million took part saving 611 megawatts, enough to allow 12 coal power plants to go idle for the hour. In Toronto, demand went down 15% saving about 455 megawatts. It may have only been an hour but it speaks of what we, as citizens of the world, can do if given the opportunity.

Around the world famous landmarks became part of the movement.

CapitaLand gave an enthusiastic hand to the Earth hour event both in Singapore where they were sponsoring the venues for roadshows for people to enrol two weeks before the big day and around the world 130 CapitaLand properties dimmed their lights in support of the cause.

CapitaLand thought the day was important enough that it needed to do more then just turn out the lights on its buildings. That is why it not only took part in the event it also helped promote the occasion weeks before.

Media walls on CapitaLand properties seen by millions of eyes everyday played the "Earth Hour" promotional video encouraging people to take part for weeks ahead of the big day.

Raffles City Beijing
Wilkie Edge, Singapore

Some tenants showed support for Earth hour by switching off their lights and offering special discounts to their customers. Ascott properties in Vietnam and China exchanged overhead lights for candlelight, and held a talk on climate change to engage residents.

In Singapore and Shanghai, volunteers for the WWF Roadshow signed up people for the “Earth Hour” event at CapitaLand properties.

Roadshow in Bugis Junction


Roadshow in Raffles City Shanghai


As the wave of support travelled west each of the CapitaLand properties all took their turn switching off the lights at 8:30pm.

The Singapore skyline also darkened in solidarity with the world in the effort to bring awareness to the problem of global warming.

Singapore CBD skyline during Earth Hour.
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