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CapitaLand connects the children of Singapore with the Shanghai World Expo 2010 through Art

Issue: Jul 2010

Ms Lynette Leong and the prize winners
Ms Lynette Leong, CEO of CapitaCommercial Trust Management Limited, capturing a moment with the prize winners of CapitaLand’s World Expo-themed One-Line Drawing Contest

When 10-year-old Christine Chua of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity started on her drawing, she did not quite understand the objectives of the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

It was crucial because her submission for the One-Line Drawing Contest had to reflect elements of Singapore, China or the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

“Christine was not fazed. Together, we spent hours researching on the Internet to find out and understand the different elements that make up Singapore, China and the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Then she found a way to link them in the picture,” said her mother, Maria Chua.

Her efforts paid off. Christine created the drawing that won her the top prize in Category A, which was for those between 7-12 years old.

The winning entry
Christine’s entry, with an emphasis on people, won her the first prize in her age group.

“After reading and learning more about the theme of World Expo 2010 'Better City, Better life,' as well as the 'Hand in Hand 20.10' Campaign launched by CapitaLand, I decided to focus my drawing on 'People'. They are represented in different colours and patterns, holding hands and reaching out to support each other, their countries and the world that we live in,” said Christine.

Her one-line drawing began its journey at the human figures, which represented the unity of people. Before completing the four figures, the line went up to illustrate the green elements of the Expo 2010 as depicted by the recycling symbol, the green leaves and the symbol of wind power plant.

“Christine used a picture of two windmills to represent sustainability, which I thought was very creative,” said Peter Draw, one of the three judges.

The Orchid and Peony, national flowers of Singapore and China, as well as other icons of the two countries were then linked through the single line, which ended back at the human figures.

“Her drawing was done with one confident stroke without any drafts on the paper. I am very impressed with her. She is very good,” complimented Draw.

Contest That Connects People

Some 600 entries flowed in when CapitaLand held the One-Line Drawing Contest between April and May this year.

The contest invited Singaporeans to use one continuous line to draw a picture with elements of the Shanghai World Expo, Singapore, China or CapitaLand, and aimed to connect Singaporeans to Shanghai World Expo through the medium of art.

“We were very pleased that the contest drew such overwhelming enthusiasm and response. One-line drawing is not a common form of art and we are heartened by the people who were willing to try something new,” said Ms Tan Bee Leng, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility.

The contest was part of CapitaLand’s “Hand in Hand 20.10” Campaign. 30 best drawings were shortlisted from the entries received during the three-week contest period. Three winners, one from each age category, were selected by a panel comprising Mr Liew Mun Leong, President & CEO of CapitaLand Group; Ms Jennie Chua, Chief Corporate Officer of CapitaLand Limited; and Peter Draw, the Singaporean artist who holds a world record for drawing the world's largest caricature in three hours.

Simplicity Won the Day

13-year-old Ang Cheng Hui the top honours in her age group
The ability to amalgamate so many ideas into one simple drawing won Cheng Hui the top honours in her age group.
The winner of Category B (13-17 years old) is 13-year-old Ang Cheng Hui from Nanyang Girls’ High School.

Her winning entry successfully amalgamated many concepts into a simple picture: six colours in the background showed that different countries can live together in harmony while iconic features of Singapore, China and the World Expo are seamlessly connected in a circle.

“Cheng Hui has good drawing skills, originality in her presentation. Looking at her drawing makes me happy,” commented Draw.

In a Teacup

Yin Mozhi’s technical skill of incorporating all the necessary elements in the shape of a teacup won him praises and the top prize
Mozhi’s technical skill of incorporating all the necessary elements in the shape of a teacup won him praises and the top prize.
The clever concept of 18-year-old Hwa Chong Junior College student, Yin Mozhi’s drawing won him the top prize in the open category.

“The two clasped hands represent partnership between Singapore and China; while the logo reflects 20 years of Sino-Singapore relations and CapitaLand’s 10th anniversary. Other symbols such as the Merlion, Oriental Pearl TV Tower are representative of the two countries. The World Expo allows us to partner and march towards a better future. The building outline at the bottom showcases the various buildings of CapitaLand. The motifs at the side are lucky charms and the artwork is drawn in the shape of a cup toasting all to a better future,” explained Yin.

The judges agreed that Yin’s technical skill made his drawing stand out.

“He has not only put a lot of thought into his drawing, he was able to present it in a manner that encapsulated the essence of the initiative by CapitaLand,” said Draw.

All three winners will be heading to the Shanghai World Expo in August 2010 on an all-expenses paid trip as a volunteer to bring underprivileged children from CapitaLand Hope Schools across China to the Expo. The 30 best drawings will also be displayed in the Singapore Pavilion there.

Kids’ Expo Galore

200 underprivileged children were given a hands-on Shanghai World Expo experience at Wilkie Edge The interactive exhibits were conceptualised and constructed by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).
About 200 underprivileged children were given a hands-on Shanghai World Expo experience at Wilkie Edge.
The interactive exhibits were conceptualised and constructed by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

In Singapore, CapitaLand has not forgotten the underprivileged children here. As part of the Hand in Hand 20.10 Campaign, CapitaLand also brought the Shanghai World Expo 2010 visitor experience to Singapore for 200 underprivileged children.

Called the Kids’ Expo Galore, it is an interactive exhibition at Wilkie Edge, which aimed to inspire the children’s imagination and creativity. The children, who were CapitaLand Green for Hope Bursary recipients, were guided by close to 90 CapitaLand management and staff volunteers on an interactive learning trail around Wilkie Edge featuring the Shanghai World Expo, the Singapore Pavilion, CapitaLand Hope Schools and a Giant Panda Zone.

Kids were thrilled with the Giant Panda Zone Judge and artist, Peter Draw, was also on hand to demonstrate the one-line drawing technique to the children.
Kids were thrilled with the Giant Panda Zone, where Wildlife Reserves Singapore curators shared about the two giant pandas Singapore will receive from China in 2011.
Judge and artist Peter Draw was also on hand to demonstrate the one-line drawing technique to the children.

The children also tried their hand at one-line drawing in a workshop conducted by Peter Draw. So for those children who may not have the chance to visit the Shanghai World Expo, they can at least say that they have felt a connection with the spirit of the Expo. And CapitaLand has truly mastered the art of linking them with their future.

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